Kendra Kamer celebrates 10th birthday in their new home

See Kendra's birthday celebration in their newly built house.



7/1/2019 10:15 AM
Kendra Kamer celebrates 10th birthday in their new home

Photo credit: @dougkramer on Instagram

Kendra Kramer celebrated her 10th birthday in their new house. In an Instagram post, her father Doug shared that the reason they did their best to move in to their newly built home swiftly was because her daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday there. 

"The whole reason we "rushed" to move in was because of this! Kendra requested to have her 10th bday party celebration at the new house. Our first time to ever hold a bday party at home. She wanted to invite her former classmates and family for an intimateget together for a swimming party and some activities! So happy this day made you smile even more Kendra! Happy 10th bday baby girl! ❤️, Papa and Mama," Doug posted.


In a separate Instagram post, Doug also wrote a heartfelt message for his daughter. "The day you were born. The day I'll never forget. June 25, 2009. 10 years ago today! You made me cry. I couldn't believe that something so small could mean the most in my life. No amount of words can express my love for you. My sunshine and my little sweetheart. Forever daddy's little girl. I love you without condition Kendra! Happy 10th birthday!" he wrote. 


Last May, Doug relayed that it took almost 2 years to construct their new house. 

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"I'd like to think I did a pretty good job putting together a rustic industrial modern look. Proud of all the headaches that came with it! 😂 In the end, it's very fulfilling!" Doug posted.