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  • Iginiit ni Kris na gagawin niya ang pagtalikod sa limelight para mas maging maayos ang kanyang kalusugan.

Kris Aquino ayaw na sa limelight, gustong maging ‘private citizen’

Iginiit ni Kris na gagawin niya ang pagtalikod sa limelight para mas maging maayos ang kanyang kalusugan.

Kris Aquino ayaw na sa limelight, gustong maging ‘private citizen’-Leo Bukas
Leo Bukas

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06/08/2019 03:02 PM
Kris Aquino ayaw na sa limelight, gustong maging ‘private citizen’
Photo credit: @krisaquino

Maraming netizens ang nalungkot sa bagong post ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang Instagram at Facebook account nitong Biyernes, June 7, na tila isang “pamamaalam” sa pagiging public figure  niya at pag-embrace sa pagiging private citizen ng bansa.

Iginiit ni Kris na gagawin niya ang pagtalikod sa limelight para mas maging maayos ang kanyang kalusugan.

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Post ng Queen of all Media, “Not an overly lengthy explanation about the state of my health- because those closest to me won’t even ask for it, all they want is for my overall well-being to improve...

“Those who doubt me, hate on me & enjoy bashing me don’t deserve to know what my now is... those who still care for me will thankfully understand why i am choosing privacy... and those i love will simply support my today’s how, what, where, and when.”

Ayon pa kay Kris, nami-miss na rin niya ang “old Kris” na meron siya noon.

“Truthfully i miss the old me, the one who felt fulfillment from being a workaholic, wasn’t constantly bedridden for days  because of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, or dizziness; the one who used to enjoy eating and didn’t find food consumption a struggle; the one who slept well at night, not when the sun is rising until mid-afternoon.

“The one who could go to Church, malls, cinemas, and restaurants without fear that her immune system couldn’t handle it; and i miss the one who could brisk walk while traveling, wasn’t helpless that her sons have to take turns holding her hand to keep her steady, and also take turns with Bincai whenever in the bathroom because of the the times she had dizzy spells and fainting,” dagdag niya.

Thirty-six years na si Kris sa industriya na nagsimula taong 1983 when he was only 12 years old.

“I’m the girl who welcomed you to witness almost every portion of her existence. Kuya Josh and Bimb have both grown up for all of you to see. But for now, i’m closing certain doors and windows into our lives.

“My reason is simple,I need to HEAL... in every aspect of my being... for me to take care of my 2 boys who have seen and experienced way too much of both the good and bad, but for almost a year, it’s really been the physical pain and emotional disappointment that they’ve had to live with.

“And as the only constant parent in their lives, it’s my duty to put them FIRST. I cannot erase their undeserved pain, but I can emphasize how much I’ll do to get physically stronger and with emotional prescience release the broken parts of me to FREE US from our sorrow because at least that’s within my control...sadly, there’s no changing what had already occurred. 



and here’s my why... i wrote something a bit lengthy with quite a number of “receipts” which i hope you’ll take time to read. Easiest access is by clicking the link in my BIO that will bring you directly to my official FB page. There’s a short P.S. we chose to include all the work i somehow managed to do from October to April because 1st i wanted to express sincerest gratitude to all the brands who chose to stick it out with me. And 2nd, whatever difficult challenges you may be facing now, i hope seeing that i soldiered on will remind you that a strong spirit that refused to give up can still stand firm even through life’s more painful moments. God bless you all with a lot of love this Sunday. 💛

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“Was it the correct decision? For that time frame it was, but now I know deprived myself of the chance to turn off in order to get a full overhaul so that I may reset properly,” bahagi ulit ng kanyang post.

Patuloy niyang post, “My immediate goal is WELLNESS although it’s clear to me, my autoimmune conditions have no cure. That’s my FOCUS for the next few months: get my immunity stronger, concentrate on the parts of me where i have a chance to be better, and strive for HARMONY where it’s possible.

“Pragmatically, i cannot do that without adopting PRIVACY.”

Alam din daw niya ang magiging resulta ng pagkawala niya sa eksena pero hindi na ito mahalaga sa kanya.

“I know the risks, most especially “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND” but being private and alive for kuya josh and bimb is an easy choice to make.

“I know that everyone is dispensable and replaceable, because who am i kidding, i’ve already had 3 years to live with that as my REALITY. Nope, this isn’t a pity party, i’m stating life as it is,” lahad pa niya.

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