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Bianca Gonzalez shares her best mommy hacks

Bianca Gonzalez talks about the challenge of balancing her home and her career.

Bianca Gonzalez shares her best mommy hacks-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/08/2019 10:25 AM
Bianca Gonzalez shares her best mommy hacks
Photo credit: @iamsuperbianca on Instagram

With the arrival of her second daughter Carmen Eliana last October, Bianca Gonzalez admitted it has been a challenge to keep healthy even while breastfeeding. “Oh my gosh, kung wala kang time sa sarili mo for one kid, ibang klase sa two kids, talagang no more time. Me kasi mahilig talaga ako sa gulay. But that also didn’t happen earlier. I just found that one day I was late high school na, parang hinanap ng katawan ko yung gulay and then I love gulay na ever sine. I’m not by any means a vegetarian but I really love eating gulay and parang dati kasi ang mentality ko kailangan may ulam na meat for the protein, parang kung gulay lang wala akong lakas, parang ganun. But it’s the other way around. Even if you only eat vegetables, you’ll get enough energy lalo na yung mga super foods to get you through the day. Luckily I’m mahilig sa gulay,” she shared during the launch of Tang’s “#UhawAreYou?” hydration campaign.

With a busy hosting career, two growing kids, and a loving marriage, the Pinoy Big Brother host said she can’t take credit for keeping their household working smoothly. “With help talaga. If anyone watches my Instagram stories, I call them my angels at home kasi sila yung nag-aalaga sa mga anak ko when I’m at work and my husband is at work. Definitely it’s not possible without them. Hindi naman uso ang daycare dito sa Pilipinas kasi we have help at home. But when I’m home, I make sure na ang attention ko is sa kanila talaga. I work from home din kasi I write and I edit. Once I’m done with whatever work I have to do, sa kanya na talaga yung focus ko. I’ll try not to check my phone. I’ll leave my phone somewhere else. Yun yung nag-sti-stick sa bata, the quality of the time you spend with them,” she said.

If there was sage advice she could share with other busy moms raising little kids, Bianca said number one would have to be teaching them how to love vegetables. “I’m so lucky because my firstborn is mahilig sa Pinoy food. Pinoy ulam is rich in gulay so like mga sinigang. Adobo lang ang wala pero may egg and potatoes so puwede na rin. Di ba ang bata if they start feeding mashed food which my six-month-old does now, ang ginawa ko lang with my firstborn that worked ang sinabi sa akin na tip ng doctor ko, pag mag introduce ka ng food, whether it be the mashed food or mag-ra-rice and ulam na siya, introduce mo muna yung mas bland yung taste. So meaning inuuna ko yung nilaga kesa adobo. Kasi if they get used to something flavorful agad, yun at yun ang hahanapin. Ayaw na nila yung medyo walang lasa. Which is gulay versus other foods. So that worked for me. So until now, sobra niya talagang hilig sa vegetables. Like minsan mas kakainin pa niya yung gulay kesa sa meat kasi mahirap i-chew yung meat,” she said.

The talented host said she is thankful that her kids also enjoy eating fruits. “A lot of people ask me how I got my daughter to eat fruit. Ang anak ko sobrang hilig sa fruits unlike me, mangga lang ako. What worked for me was I would make fruit the dessert. So in her head, it’s the reward. So parang after she finishes her meal she can have her banana, her watermelon, or her mango. So na mind condition siya I guess na that’s her treat. Magka-level sa kanya ang fruits and cake kumbaga kasi instead of making it an enemy na parang you have to eat your fruits or your gulay, it became the treat at the end of her meal,” she added.