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Netizens react to Scarlet Snow ‘flaunting’ branded possessions; Hayden Kho answers

Hayden Kho reacts to netizens saying they are exposing Scarlet Snow on branded items at an early age.



6/6/2019 11:00 AM
Netizens react to Scarlet Snow ‘flaunting’ branded possessions; Hayden Kho answers

Photo credit: @dochayden/ @scarletsnowbelo on Instagram

Social media darling Scarlet Snow Belo recently shared a clip on her Instagram account wherein she was showing her celebrity doctor mom Vicki Belo her outfit for the day.

“What’s your outfit for today?” Vicki asked her and she paused for a while then said that it was “Gucci.”  When asked about her bag, Scarlet also answered her mother with the same brand.

However, the adorable clip stirred a debate online and drawing mixed reactions from her 3.1 million followers. Some netizens thought that it is “ridiculous” to let the four-year-old child be brand conscious.

“I love Scarlet, but orienting her branded or signatured items at her age, I believe is ridiculous! Sorry but I just wish her to be humble and grounded even though she’s very rich and famous,” one netizen said.

“This is too much for a little girl,” another netizen commented.

Scarlet’s father Hayden Kho stepped in and shared his opinion about the issue.

“Interesting discussion going on here. Here’s what I think: I think it’s important that we don’t make a big deal about brands... One’s identity is not anchored on the brand of clothing he/she wears. Meaning, whether you wear an expensive brand or cheap brand, or you see someone wear expensive brands or cheap brands, drop the attachment to it. That says nothing about their true identity and significance. They’re both clothes and nothing else,” he wrote.

“In the case of Scarlet, to be honest, we rarely buy her clothes. She has generous fans on IG who send her clothes which we then post to thank them. The dress and bag she’s wearing here is from her tita [Alice Eduardo] which we also posted to thank her. Let those who have ears hear,” he added.

Other netizens agreed with the celebrity doctor.

“Designers or not that's not a big deal. What matters most is Scarlet makes people happy,” a netizen said.

“Ano bang problema sa brand, Scarlet is showing what’s in her bag di nga niya alam ang branded stuff ang cute kaya tingnan may bitbit siya bag na may laman ng kailangan niya para laging ready, learning at young age kung ano importante sa kanya like panyo,” another netizen said.

“Those who care about the bag Scarlet is wearing are the materialistic ones. It’s JUST a bag. If you’re jealous go buy yourself a Gucci bag. It’s not Scarlet’s fault she’s very blessed with her lifestyle. Why should she censor her lifestyle just to appease you? Your inferiority complex to a 4four year old is laughable,” a certain @innafrasco on Instagram said.