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  • As she prepares to welcome her second child, actress and blogger Rica Peralejo penned a heartwarming letter for her firstborn son, Philip Nathaniel Bonifacio.

READ: Rica Peralejo writes touching letter for first son

As she prepares to welcome her second child, actress and blogger Rica Peralejo penned a heartwarming letter for her firstborn son, Philip Nathaniel Bonifacio.



06/04/2019 03:24 PM
READ: Rica Peralejo writes touching letter for first son
Photo credit: @jamiemapaguphoto on Instagram

Just a few weeks until she gives birth for the second time, Rica Peralejo is still making herself comfortable to her new life as a mother of two.

This couldn’t be more evident in a letter she penned for her firstborn son, Philip Nathaniel Bonifacio, in which the actress was seemingly overcome with both nostalgia and excitement on the thought of having another child soon.

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“Only you for five years. Only you,” she said of Philip on Instagram on Monday.

“But as I always say, it was also you that made me want to have more babies. You really prove your second name true: YOU ARE INDEED A GIFT FROM GOD. I couldn’t stop praying for more children because my experience with you is so joyful and positive and life changing.

“I will surely miss watching you all by yourself but you know what? I am also so excited to get to know you more not only as a child but as a kuya, a friend to your little brother. This expansion of our family only means I will get to know you more and, wow, I am just so excited,” she added.

Along the letter were photos from Rica’s laidback maternity shoot with photographer Jamie Mapagu.


“Bakit, sino ka ba dati?” . . It’s so hard to forget your not-so-glorious past when people keep reminding you about it, I know. But for some reason, I don’t mind. To be truthful, I sometimes even want the younger ones who do not know about my past so well to get acquainted with it so they can at least understand where I am coming from when I say that it is really only because of God that I even have a face to show today. . . To say you are a new creation means something must have been old. To say you are a receptor of mercy means something is with you today that must not have been deserved. . . Some years ago I have resolved that my life shall be one that is always seen in view of God’s mercy. I have been doing life right (or should I say just better then before) for about 13 years now but I still cannot boast of it as one achieved by my own efforts, or one I deserve because of obedience, because the truth is I am only one step away from a relapse or a tragic fall if I have not the humility to admit that it is only He who holds me up.🙌🏻 . . Oh how true is it that those who are forgiven much can really have a heart that loves much. I never knew the depth of love that I had until I knew the depth and destruction of own depravity. . . 👗 by @airadeefranco 📸 by @jamiemapaguphoto 💄by @justinenavato

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“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:18-19) . . This is something I am holding on to as I enter the last few days of my pregnancy and the first few days of the newborn stage, all over again. Because while I have the faith for a new season, there have been traumatic times in the past that could continue to scare me out of God’s wonderful plans for our family. So I know that His call for me at this time is to focus on the new thing that He is causing in our lives, while forgetting the things of old. . . A friend also gave me these verses for my birth and I shall be putting them up on my wall as I go through labor. Trusting that we can effectively fight every unhelpful memory with His Word, His Promise, His Vision.🙌🏻 . . It is Monday and let’s all look ahead to where He brings us, shall we? 🌿 . . #mamawonders 📸 @jamiemapaguphoto

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Together with her husband, Christian pastor Joseph Bonifacio, Rica welcomed Philip in early of January 2014. The couple tied the knot four years earlier in a beach wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, following two incidents of a miscarriage, the 38-year-old star happily announced that she‘s expecting another child through a vlog entry in late of January this year. She was said to be four months pregnant at the time.