Mikey Bustos admits he has plans to wed partner RJ Garcia

Popular YouTuber Mikey Bustos shares how he feels about gay marriage being legalized in Asia.


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6/30/2019 11:14 AM
Mikey Bustos admits he has plans to wed partner RJ Garcia

Photo credit: @mikey_bustos on Instagram

With Taiwan being the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage, Mikey Bustos admitted that their family and friends actually thought that he and his boyfriend RJ Garcia were tying the knot already because of their recent trip to Taipei to shoot a video. “Everyone was asking if we were getting married in Taipei. We were hush about this project so everyone suspected we were going to Taipei to get married. But we have thought about a wedding. In Canada it’s legal. We’re both men so it will be both suits,” Mikey shared.

Mikey said he was not surprised that gay marriage was allowed in Taiwan. “I did feel that if there was going to be a country that would legalize gay marriage first, it would be there. Because they’re so progressive thinking. We noticed this the very first time we visited. But I think it’s 2019 na so I jxust feel that the places we’ve been to have been welcoming. No discrimination at all. In the Philippines I think what might be lacking is perhaps familiarity and understanding, education. I think we’re coming around,” he explained.

When he first came out, Mikey admitted he and his partner prepared for the worst. “RJ and I were surprised with the reaction and the love that came pouring in as soon as we came out. I think the Philippines can maybe open and learn more about LGBTQ. Which is why I don’t dismiss questions that might be invasive like, ‘Are you top or bottom?’ and all of this stuff, because it shows that people are curious. Because they are not taught this in school. And there’s so much to learn. There’s a reason why a rainbow represents LGBTQ is because we’re not all one kind of person. Homosexual doesn’t mean homogenous. Like we don’t all like to work at the salon, you know things like that. And I think soon those stigmas and barriers, they’re coming down. My advice for those who are thinking about coming out is first of all no schedule. There’s no schedule. The universe will prepare the right moment for you to say I am who I am,” he said.

The Fil-Canadian comedian also admitted that he and his partner do have plans to legalize their relationship in the future. “Who knows? maybe sometime in the future. But going to Taiwan with my partner was actually really neat because it was our first vacation out of the country as a couple so that was another level and also because Taiwan is the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage. So it was just many layers. I don’t know. You’ll have to follow the vlogs to find out at Mikey Bustos vlogs daily (laughs),” he added.