WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s ‘lemon challenge’ for relatives

Alex Gonzaga challenged her relatives in eating lemons without making reactions.



6/3/2019 1:58 PM
WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s ‘lemon challenge’ for relatives

Photo credit: Screenshot from Ms Alex Gonzaga's YouTube Channel

Alex Gonzaga uploaded another fun video on her YouTube page, this time with her uncles and aunts. She made them do a challenge called "Eating Lemon With No Reaction." 

"Ngayon gagawa tayo ng challenge with the oldies but goodies," she said. 

The participants took turns in tasting the lemon without making any reaction. What ensued was a funny game that made everyone laughed out loud. Alex's boyfriend Mikee and her mother Pinty also participated in the challenge. 

The video already generated more than 900k views as of this writing. 

"I love the oldies! Feature them more please! Genuine happiness. Salamat sa tawa!" one netizen wrote. 

"That just made my Saturday morning watching your families thank you,  Alex Gonzaga God Bless," another netizen posted.