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‘#ResistTogether:’ Celebrities support LGBTQIA+ Pride

Catriona Gray, Angelica Panganiban, K Brosas, Dionne Monsanto, and more celebrities took to social media to support this year's celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community, Metro Manila Pride March.

‘#ResistTogether:’ Celebrities support LGBTQIA+ Pride-Edo Daria
Edo Daria

Twitter: @edodaria


06/29/2019 12:04 PM

For Pride Month, a month-long celebration and protest of LGBTQIA+ rights movement, celebrities supporters and members of the community themselves took to social media to support the advocacy.

Catriona Gray, who is a vocal ally of the community, will not miss this year's Pride March despite her duties as the Miss Universe 2018. In her recent Instagram post, Catriona revealed she was attending the Pride March in New York. 

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Angelica Panganiban said that the gay community is a family for her. "Hindi ako mabubuo kung wala sila. Hindi lang sila pangalawang pamilya. Sila ang pamilya ko," she wrote.

Both Dionne Monsanto and K Brosas went creative with their photos and wrote a pledge from the Headshot Clinic project in support for equal rights. "I pledge to resist indifference and help ensure equality, regardless of sexual orientation. I pledge to resist bullying and promote mental wellbeing.

"I pledge to resist discrimination in all forms, to love freely, and to live my truth. Above all, I pledge to resist hatred and to honor the history of Pride," they said in the captions.

Known advocates like Fifth Solomon, Dawn Chang, Sebastian Castro, Iyah Mina, Mikey Bustos, Awra Briguela. and more personalities also posted their personal messages for the gay community. 

With the theme of Resist Together, Metro Manila Pride March happens today, June 29 at the Marikina Sports Center.