Lea Salonga slams poser using her name to solicit money

Lea Salonga warned her followers of a fake account using her name to solicit money.



6/29/2019 3:31 PM
Lea Salonga slams poser using her name to solicit money

Photo credit: @msleasalonga on Instagram

Weeks after getting victimized by fake news sites allegedly using her name to endorse brands she has no affiliations with, Lea Salonga once again took to her social media accounts to warn her followers of her poser - or a person who pretends to be someone else online - this time for allegedly soliciting money from her fans. 

On Facebook, the returning Voice coach wrote: "It has come to my attention that someone has been using my name and profile picture to solicit money from my fans. I would never do that, ever. Not in a million years."

She then went on, telling her fans and followers about necessary steps once her poser starts asking money from them: "If you've ever received a message from someone using my name asking for money, report and block. Thank you."

As if the warning wasn't enough, the Tony-winning singer and actress, who is known to be meticulous when it comes to grammar, took some time to throw some diss to her poser. 

"By the way, I've seen a sampling of the messages. My God, talk about murder of the English language," she concluded her post. 

Earlier this month, Salonga also lambasted on Instagram fake news sites saying she is planning to quit showbiz. 



Please read. Thanks.

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“And once again, the rats come out to play,” Salonga wrote. “Folks, if you come across one of those Lea Quits Showbiz bulls*** ads, those are fake. One, I’d never quit. This is what I love to do.”

“Whoever dreamed that up is a team of motherf***ers with way too much time on their hands,” Salonga said. “Thanks for your time.”