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EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz on why he doesn’t miss acting: ‘Behind the camera you can be more creative’

Mickey Perz admits he is enjoying training groups like Hashtags, Girltrends, and the PBB housemates.


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6/23/2019 1:47 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Perz on why he doesn’t miss acting: ‘Behind the camera you can be more creative’

Photo credit: @mickeyperz on Instagram

After the first birthday of his daughter Raffy last June 15, Mickey Perz said he and his wife Gee-Ann Abrahan are still in awe of their new family life. “For us it’s so amazing almost everyday how she changes within the day. So every time I come home, the following day Raffy is different, like more happier. Parang sponge siya, if she sees or hears something she would mimic it. So ang galing galing. When we wake up, the first thing she did was smile at us. We are still at this state where until now we are asking ourselves, ‘Wow, may baby na tayo.’ And then, we’re blessed that she’s a very happy baby,” he told PUSH.

Mickey admits that he can’t say for sure when they will start planning for baby number two. “Well one of the things is, for boys it’s generally easier right? But I think whenever Gee-ann is ready because it’s a bit different for women, the recovery period. And then emotionally pa. It’s still up to her. But usually it’s not really planned kasi Raffy came out of nowhere. We were open to having a kid already but we weren’t saying we had to do it now. Baka mangyari lang bigla. So sana if it happens, then it happens,” he said.

Currently one of the most in demand choreographers at the Kapamilya network, Mickey said he was lucky to have the right people giving him support and encouragement. “I think the one who believed in me in the first place at the beginning was direk Lauren Dyogi. So he saw something apparently. He was the one who also immersed me and saw something in me. So when I started showbiz he always supported me. But then he also guided me through certain things and then along the way, I think definitely I made a lot of mistakes. But I think I was lucky that I have an anchor which is Gee-Ann. Kasi feeling ko since I didn’t grow up here, and because showbiz can be very overwhelming, so I got lost as well and then having her there, pushing me and guiding me also to see it from a different perspective really helped. She helped keep me grounded. She helped me also in how to strategize or how to implement certain things in work right now. I think she’s very creative and logistically strong. So with our company, siya yung creative and logistics guru,” he said.

Even though it’s been a while since he did acting, Mickey said he does not miss being in front of the camera. “No (laughs). Kasi feeling ko the difference being on cam is, I enjoyed performing but to be honest sometimes when you’re behind the camera you can be so much more creative, para sa akin. And then at the same time, I’m very blessed and thankful that I was on cam because I was able to see certain things that I wouldn’t have seen if I was at the back. So now the perspective from being at the back, I can use that to guide now the next generation more on how to dance or how to project and perform on stage and what to look at. Kasi back then when we started, I didn’t have that kind of mentor or coach. It was just basically bahala ka na. Now that’s what we’re trying tot give the next generation. To properly tell them how to project, what to look out for when you perform, how to train them and give them input. I think that’s an experience I was able to get only because I was performing before,” he added.