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Mikey Bustos admits he looks up to Vice Ganda as an LGBTQ supporter

Before coming out as gay, Mikey Bustos reveals his fears on possible backlash on his career


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6/22/2019 11:09 AM
Mikey Bustos admits he looks up to Vice Ganda as an LGBTQ supporter

Photo Credit: @mikey_bustos @praybeytbenjamin on IG

After coming out of the closet last April, Mikey Bustos said his life has changed for the better. “Oh my gosh it’s been constant changes this whole year. Like it started with me growing my hair (laughs), physical changes but also personal inside changes. I felt like this year was a quantum leap for me as a person and in my constant journey to be as authentic as I can be in life, this was a huge quantum leap and it really shot my relationship with my partner into the stratosphere. We are in heaven now. (What prompted you?) But it was a mutual decision between me and my partner. We’ve been dating for almost seven years now so it was just time. I’m almost 28 and I really wanted to be my most authentic self and deliver that message,” he said.

Mikey said he had already prepared for the worst when they finally come out to the public, but it was not what they expected. “My biggest fear was that we would lose it all, we would lose endorsements and I wouldn’t get any more work here in the Philippines. But you know, it was a strange point in my relationship with RJ, business-wise and personal wise that we were like, ‘You know what, let’s jump together.’ And if it doesn’t work out, then we thought, ‘Oh well, it was an awesome ride.’ We were still going to do it regardless. Turns out, it was the opposite. Like the Philippines didn’t let me down. I’m sure our friends had an idea but they respected us. They never asked. After the post, it was a surprise. It was all love. You know I didn’t expect that and it gives me hope for the Philippines and the LGBTQ community. It’s been nothing but love,” he explained.

When asked who his favorite LGBTQ celebrity was, Mikey immediately admitted it was Vice Ganda. “Of course the one and only Vice Ganda. Why Vice Ganda? I just feel like he’s the biggest LGBTQ (symbol) in the Philippines today, is he not? So he’s spearheading it for us. He’s breaking the path so that the world can somehow become more open,” he said.

The popular YouTuber also shared his latest encounter with the Gandang Gabi Vice host. “I first knew of him when I first visited the Philippines, maybe in 2007. I’ve met him a few times. Last time I met him we were applying for a visa at the American embassy (laughs),” he added.