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EXCLUSIVE: Maxene Magalona on being married: ‘It definitely changed me for the better’

Maxene Magalona talks about being and living healthy with husband Robby Mananquil.


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6/20/2019 9:00 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Maxene Magalona on being married: ‘It definitely changed me for the better’

Photo credit: @maxenemagalona on Instagram

After getting married to Robby Mananquil last year, Maxene Magalona admitted she has learned so many things. “It definitely changed me for the better. Because of Rob, I learned how to love and discovered the true meaning of love; that it’s not about taking, and it’s not always about you. But love requires giving of yourself,” she shared with PUSH during her Flawless pictorial held earlier this month. 

The 32-year-old actress said she and her husband share the same views when it comes to making fitness and nutrition part of their lifestyle. “It actually started when Rob and I were preparing for the wedding, and it’s not because I just wanted to slim down, but actually it’s to relieve stress from the preps and I wanted to feel good about myself. So Rob invited me to go to the gym and do yoga with him, and then eventually I became conscious na of what I feed myself or put inside my body. Before kasi, I binge eat when I’m stressed, tapos junk food pa, and I didn’t really exercise. There were times that my husband had to push me but eventually I learned to love and prioritize fitness. And the practice of yoga really helped me to be kind to myself and respect my body. Now I eat healthy, I keep a balanced diet. I know I’ve slimmed down and lost a lot of body fat, but it doesn’t end there, now I am working on toning my muscles. Basta I know feel healthier more than ever and I am actually more energetic because of these lifestyle changes,” she explained.

As one of the longtime celebrity endorsers for a face and beauty clinic, Max said she considers it a blessing to continue being the face of the popular brand. “I started representing the brand in my 20s and I am still with the brand now as a Mrs. I’m grateful that Flawless has been very supportive to me through the years. Now that I am in my 30s, I’ve become more conscious of my skin. Before my excuse was that people, especially makeup artists, tell me that I have nice skin naman so I tend to neglect proper skin care. But good thing Flawless taught me the importance of seeking professional help, making time to get a facial, and keeping a skin regimen at home,” she said.

Aside from getting facials twice a month, the talented actress said she also follows a strict beauty regimen at night. “At home, I make sure that I remove my makeup before going to bed. I keep my routine simple since I am busy and always on the go, so I do the basic: cleansing, toning, exfoliating twice a week, moisturizing and of course putting on sunblock,” she added