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EXCLUSIVE: Dimples Romana reveals what she misses most about her late father

Kadenang Ginto star Dimples Romana recalls the time she competed in a beauty pageant and how her dad supported her dreams.


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6/17/2019 9:22 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Dimples Romana reveals what she misses most about her late father

Photo credit: @dimplesromana on Instagram

Life was not easy for Kadenang Ginto star Dimples Romana when her father passed away when she was just a teenager. But she said that she always cherishes their memories together. 

“I remember when I would wake up before he leaves for the post office, kasi postmaster si Papa eh, and he would pray over me every single morning before he leaves. He started as young as I can remember, maybe five or six years old, ganun. So I guess yun din dahilan bakit lumaki akong madasalin because it was a way of me remembering him through his prayers somewhat. 

"Kasi my parents were part of Couples for Christ but my papa was more of a prayer warrior. Kasi I had a sister who had leukemia so during those four years, lagi siyang nagdadasal talaga on his own and we would pray the rosary every 6 pm whether he was there or not, kami ng mama ko naman and the siblings. I think that’s the fondest memory of him,” she shared during the launch of PIne-Sol’s Cleaning Dance Challenge promo. 

Another important memory Dimples recalled with her father was how he supported her when she was an aspiring beauty queen.

“One particular moment, which I felt was so crucial for me to remember up until now, was when I just won Bininibining Paranaque.  Kasi my father, he’s very shy eh. He’s always supportive of me but hindi siya pushy so he knows that if I ventured into something, quiet lang siya most of the time. 

"And then there was this one moment na kaka-proclaim pa lang sa akin na Binibining Paranaque and he went up and whispered to me and said, ‘Sabi ko na eh.’ So parang ever since, iniisip ko every time I have self-doubts, even while growing up until now that I’m 34, I would always go back to that moment na parang ang importante kasi sa tao is at least one person believes in you eh di ba? And because it’s my papa, parang malaking bagay sa akin yun,” she revealed.



Dear YOU who gets to hug your Papa today, hug him tight for me please. My hug will just be with a pillow imagined as my Papa’s huge tummy. Dear YOU who gets to call your Dad later to greet him, make that call for me please and stay a bit longer on the phone, longer than usual. My phone call will just be through a prayer that I will say quietly as I whisper my greeting for my Papa wishing it’ll reach him wherever he is. Dear YOU who gets to share a meal with your Tatay today, cook for him please and sit close to him as you eat together, listen to his corny jokes and endless stories. My date with my Papa will just be in Manila Memorial as I sit on dry grass, speaking to him as if he was really with me. My Papa died at the age of 41. Life is short. Don’t let one moment pass you by. Happy Father’s Day sa lahat ng magigiting nating Ama ❤️ and for those special fathers who have been like fathers to me and @boyetahmee , you know who you are, Salamat po ❤️❤️❤️

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