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Kisses Delavin announces ‘DonKiss’ split

Teen actress Kisses Delavin informs her fans that her team up with Donny Pangilinan has 'long been over.'



06/16/2019 10:16 AM
Kisses Delavin  announces ‘DonKiss’ split
Photo credit: @kissesdelavin on Instagram

Kisses Delavin surprised her supporters by announcing on Instagram that her on screen partnership with Donny Pangilinan has ended. 

The young actress first apologized to her fans for not speaking up on the matter sooner. Kisses said she felt the need to finally talk to her fans because she heard their solid fans were planning to appeal her and Donny's partnership. 

"I apologize for my social media blackout. I believe that my supporters have the right to know that the 'DonKiss' partnership has long been over. There has been an ongoing plan from my DonKiss supporters to assemble at ABS-CBN today to appeal for this onscreen partnership. I was notified of this news because they my DonKiss supporters are encouraging my solid supporters to join their appeal," she stated in her post. 



She also addressed the fandom war where she is being pitted against another star who is said to be Donny's new partner. 

"However as much as I understand the bleeding hearts of my supporters, I am not in favor of this fandom war of my DonKiss supporters against the other ship of my former onscreen partner to go on any further. I shall not permit myself to be involved in the situation where two girls are being pitted against each other, a war they may not even want to be in, just to earn the 'victory' of being a guy's love team," she added. 

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It is rumored that fans of Donny and his co-MYX VJ Sharlene San Pedro are pushing for the two stars collaboration on a project. 

Kisses and Donny were first paired in the Regal Films movie Walwal. Because of the positive feedback on the team up, they worked together anew in the ABS-CBN teleserye Playhouse and in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival movie Fantastica.  

Read her full post below: 



Good morning. Here is my statement regarding DonKiss.

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