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Gerald Anderson, Arjo Atayde, and other male celebs share their father-son bonding moments

Your favorite male personalities share their favorite memories growing up for Father’s Day.

Gerald Anderson, Arjo Atayde, and other male celebs share their father-son bonding moments-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/15/2019 10:50 AM
Gerald Anderson, Arjo Atayde, and other male celebs share their father-son bonding moments
Photo credit: @andersongeraldjr @arjoatayde @marlomusicmortel @ zaijianjaranilla1 on Instagram

Before they entered showbiz, these male personalities grew up enjoying the best kind of father and son activities not just on Father’s day but every day of the year. Whether it be while traveling, food tripping, or even just staying at home together, the time spent bonding is easily one of their favorite memories from childhood. 

Gerald Anderson
“Pag nag-ta-travel kami, it’s always nice na magkaroon kami ng mga bonding moments lalo na kunwari pag may show ako abroad lagi ko siyang sinasama. Yun yung mga importanteng moments kasi sa schedule ng isang artista medyo hectic. Before showbiz naman nag-fi-fishing kami, camping sa Missouri sa States, just yung mga quiet moments with him.”

Arjo Atayde
“Way back when we used to stay in Australia for quite some time when we lived there, he used to bring me to the park all the time feeding some kangaroos. I was around seven, eight, nine years old, around that age. Now we still have some bondings here and there. Food trip na kami. Anything, nothing really in particular. Anything na mapag-trippan namin, anything new.”

Tommy Esguerra
“Honestly my favorite memory would be all those nights, most of my life growing up we would do jujitsu together. He’s the one who introduced me to jujitsu and everyday at home he would put out the mats and we would watch the DVDs on how to do moves and techniques and we would go over them every night before I went to bed. So for almost my whole childhood that’s what I used to do with my father. We started when I was six or seven years old and the things is, I used to get bullied a lot as a kid so I think this is why he wanted us to know how to defend ourselves and have confidence through that. Honestly I’m so grateful for those moments. When I look back I’m just so happy he did that every night with me. It was amazing.”

Jameson Blake
“I remember before I was a big fan of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. So I’d always force him to carry me and make me fly like Buzz Lightyear. We’d go to the playground and waking up in the morning and he’s watching baseball and he makes popcorn for my breakfast and I play my computer. Those are the memories I remember in Hong Kong. I just haven’t been with him now for a long time kasi. So I only see him seldomly.”

Khalil Ramos
“Just recently we started accomplishing a dream project of ours. We restored a classic car. That’s something me and my dad wanted to do for the longest time and we’re actually 98% done. It’s a 1965 Ford Mustang. It’s my dream car. It’s also one of my dad’s favorite cars and the biggest dream for us talaga is to put up our own car shop. We did it for a year and a half. I might use it for a while. Pang-Sunday car lang kasi siya. it’s not really for daily driving so we’ll see.”

Zaijian Jaranilla
“Favorite ko yung tuwing madaling araw pag nakakapunta kami sa Tagaytay. Yun yung talagang bonding namin and marami kaming kinakainan na restaurant na kaming dalawa lang nakakaalam. Kasi ang chill ng vibe sa Tagaytay tapos kaming dalawa lang ng papa ko, sobrang saya ng memories namin. Kahit hanggang ngayon ginagawa pa rin namin yun. Mas close kami ng papa ko kesa ng mama ko eh. Pero lola’s boy ako.” 

Jairus Aquino
Nung mga six or seven years old ako, yung pag nanunuod siya ng basketball games namin. Kasi yun yung gusto kong ginagawa yung maglaro ng basketball hanggang ngayon. So natutuwa ako na nakikita niyang ginagawa ko yung gusto ko.” 

Marco Gallo
“Traveling while nasa kotse kami, yun yung pinaka-paborito kong memory kasama siya. Wala eh, bonding kasi. Ang mas gusto ko kasi kapag nasa kotse ka wala kang ibang magagawa kundi makausap yung taong kasama mo. There was no specific age kasi it was my whole childhood, it’s been like every summer all summer nag-ro-road trip kami. He’s in Italy now. We chose na dun siya and dito ako for the moment.”

Joem Bascon
Yung daddy ko kasi pinaka-memorable para sa akin yung lagi niya akong sinasamahan sa basketball games ko nung bata pa ako. Tapos kahit nung medyo nasa 20 years old na ako, kasi wala akong driving nung nag-sa-start ako, so sjya yung sumasama sa akin mostly kapag nag-te-taping ako (laughs). So siya yung kasama ko sa puyat at sa segue. Pero basically mas close ako sa mommy ko kasi laman ako ng kitchen nung bata ako (laughs). Kasi maaga nag-retire daddy ko so basically nung kami na yung nag-wo-work, sumasama na lang siya.”

Marlo Mortel
Nag-a-abroad kasi before yung dad ko, so nung paalis siya nun sobrang lungkot ko talaga. Siguro mga seven years old ako tapos tawang tawa sila sa akin kasi may sukli kami na coins sa taxi na sinakyan namin tapos talagang tinago ko siya kasi iyak ng iyak ako kasi aalis siya. Pero actually ngayon yung pinakamadaming memories since wala na si mommy siya na lagi kong kasama and yung normal na pagpunta namin sa mall, pagnood ng movie, tingin ng mga toys na collection namin, ayun masaya na kaming dalawa.

Christian Bautista
“When he was teaching me how to drive clutch manual. Eh kasi he was teaching me a life skill na kakailanganin ko sa buhay ko. And he taught it well. Chill lang, yung tamang constructive criticsim. Sa Cavite kami nag-practice, kung saan may mga incline.”

Marlon Stockinger
“Going to the race track. I must have been not more than ten years old and we spent a lot of special days on the race track so for us, that’s just been the way we did it, burning some fuel, driving around in circles on a track everywhere. Obviously when I was younger a lot of the time it was in the Philippines and then basically all over the world.”