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EXCLUSIVE: Doug Kramer reveals why he enjoys being a stage dad to his kids

Basketball player Doug Kramer shares his own experience with his dad growing up.


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6/15/2019 10:35 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Doug Kramer reveals why he enjoys being a stage dad to his kids

Photo credit: @dougkramer on Instagram

As one of the most recognizable celebrity families in the country, Team Kramer patriarch Doug Kramer said there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his three kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin. And this includes supporting them in whatever activity they want to get into like sports. “I’m a stage dad. I’m an everything dad to them. We don’t oversell a lot of sports to them but we also want to see what they’re interested in. So definitely Kendra’s really interested in swimming. Gavin loves basketball already. I didn’t shove basketball in Gavin’s face. I waited for him to really like it. So now we try and join camps and all of that,” he shared during a recent Cheez Whiz event.

Doug admits that he also learned how to be a good father from his own dad who also took the time to prioritize him. “My dad was a very hardworking guy. He ’s a very smart guy. He worked in the oil industry. He would always leave the country. But one thing that stood out for me was whenever I had basketball games, whenever he would be around, he’d be there to support me all the way. He’d always watch, he’d always give me advice so that’s something that I carried over to my kids to make sure to be there during these important moments in your kids lives. Just make sure you’ll be there,” he recalled.

While juggling being a professional athlete, a doting husband, and hands-on dad, Doug said he would like to set an example for other busy dads that making time for your kids should never be underestimated. “The number one thing is your children will know what your priorities are, they will feel if it’s your friends, they will feel if it’s your work, they will feel if it’s your vices. So for me my priority is my family and my kids so I make sure to spend enough time with them. And no matter how busy I am, I make sure I’m in the playroom with them, we watch a movie together, we play. So definitely the biggest advice would be is to spend time with your kids. There’s nothing in exchange for that,” he explained.