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DADDY’S GIRLS: Female celebrities share their favorite memories with their dad for Father’s Day

Sue Ramirez, Ylona Garcia, and other female stars reveal just how much of a daddy’s girl they really are.



6/15/2019 10:29 AM
DADDY’S GIRLS: Female celebrities share their favorite memories with their dad for Father’s Day

Photo credit: @michellevito @chiefilomeno @team_ylonagarcia @sueannadoodles on Instagram

It doesn’t matter if they’re the eldest or youngest or only child, these talented female celebrities admit that when it comes to their dad, they’ll always be that little girl that needs guidance, love, and protection. These stars prove that nothing can change the bond they share with their dads even after entering show business. 

Sue Ramirez

“I used to go swimming with my dad all the time when I was younger but I think my favorite memory with him is every year na birthday ko, kahit hirap siya magsalita, he sings Happy Birthday, not only to me, lima kaming magkakapatid, so lahat kami, even to my mom.”

Ylona Garcia

“My favorite memory with my dad maybe was just waking up in the morning almost everyday listening to his music. His music would consist of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, basta people in the ‘50s. It was more of ‘50s music that he’d play in the morning. Now we’re more like good friends, me, my dad and my mom, we all have a very honest relationship with each other. We’re all very happy and content with where we are right now at this point.”

Leila Alcasid

“I loved it when I was a young kid and he would visit. Because he would only come for a couple of days. ‘It was always really fun because we’d just kind of play around and it wouldn’t be very serious. I kind of knew he was a singer and an actor but I didn’t really grasp the scale of his career until I was physically here. And it was fun because when he came home he wasn’t that, he was just my dad. and he knew how to just make everything okay and it was nice to see him and my mom still get along which was wonderful. Actually all my favorite memories with my dad are with everyone around.”

Chienna Filomeno

“There’s a lot but siguro ang pinaka-favorite kong memory is every birthday ko nung bata ako yung lagi niyang regalo sa akin pag uuwi siya from Japan to Manila just to celebrate my birthday with me. Kasi dun siya nagtrabaho sa Japan and kami dito nag-aral so we grew up here.”

Myrtle Sarrosa

“Nung tinuturuan niya ako makakuha ng student’s drivers license ko. And sa sobrang kaba ko, I almost crashed the car on my first time (laughs). Pero he was able to teach how to be calm. Kasi hindi ako marunong before. But he taught me that life is like driving a car. Sometimes you have to stop, look, and listen. Sometimes you have to stop and go or turn back. So yun ang favorite memory ko with my dad.”

Cheska Garcia-Kramer

“Kendra, Gavin, and Scarlet are all into sports now and Kendra recently joined a competition and whenever I see her swim and watch her compete, it brings back memories of when I was competing also when I was a swimmer. And one of my fondest memories with my dad was we were asked to do a father-daughter relay in a dual meet and it’s memorable because my dad and were teammates and we actually won the gold medal. At that time, I was Kendra’s age. That is something I will never forget. A point in my life where my dad and I were teammates and we did very well.”

Michelle Vito

“Siguro yung favorite memories ko sa kanya is yung lagi ko siyang kasama. Kasi like nung nag-Korea kami ng family hindi siya nakasama beacuse of work so sobrang kulang. So favorite memory ko sa kanya is yung lagi siyang kasama sa amin. At saka ako kasi yung bunso tapos only girl pa ako so laging bantay sa akin si daddy. Even sa school, hanggang ngayon na college na ako hinahatid sundo pa rin niya ako.”