Is Dionne Monsanto dating Dave Moffatt?

Dionne Monsanto may have just hinted that she is in a relationship with Dave Moffatt, one of the members of the Canadian pop-rock band The Moffatts.



6/11/2019 9:45 PM
Is Dionne Monsanto dating Dave Moffatt?

Photo credit: on Instagram

The General's Daughter star Dionne Monsanto had everyone asking whether or not she's dating Dave Moffatt, one-fourth of the Candian pop-rock band The Moffatts. 

This, after Dionne shared on Instagram a photo of her with the 35-year-old singer taken at the Tali Beachfront Vacation House in Boracay. 

“Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you're holding me tonight 'Cause we're scared to be lonely," she wrote in the photo's caption, referencing Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa's collaboration "Scared To Be Lonely."

She then went on, revealing that Dave sang the said song to her when she got heartbroken in the past. 

"When I was heartbroken, he sang this to me. And I’ll always love him for that," she stated. 



Dave Moffatt also shared a photo of himself with the ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate, writing: "This chick rocks! I always enjoy our time together."



Fans, curious about the relationship between the two, then started to ask questions in the comments. 

"Kayo po ba," one netizen asked. "Are you together," another one wrote. 

The Canadian singer also shared photos of enjoying the island paradise with Dionne's close friend and PBB batchmate Gee-Ann Abrahan. 

"I can't think of a better friend to share my first #Boracay experience with than @geeannabrahan. Thanks for making this whole trip a joy and for always putting a smile on my face," hr wrote in the caption of his photo, revealing it was his first time to experience the beauty of the world-renowned Philippine island. 





Back in February, Monsanto's former PBB housemates Gee-Ann and Mickey Perz revealed in an exclusive interview with PUSH that Dave Moffatt is one of the godparents of their daughter Raphalle. 

Abrahan and Perz were the ones who brought Dave to Manila for a solo show back in 2017 as well as The Moffatts' Reunion Tour in Cebu through Prima Vera Event Management, an events company the couple has established. 

In another exclusive interview with PUSH during the baptismal celebration of Abrahan and Perz's daughter, Monsanto revealed she is in a relationship with Mickey Perz's Fil-Swiss best friend Ryan Stalder.

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The Moffatts is the group behind "Miss You Like Crazy," "If Life Is Short," and "Bang Bang Boom," among others. 

As of this writing, Dionne has yet to confirm whether or not she's really dating the singer.