Gary Valenciano, grateful a year after his heart surgery

Gary Valenciano thanked everyone who helped him during those tough procedures.



5/7/2019 3:21 PM
Gary Valenciano, grateful a year after his heart surgery

Photo credit: @garyvalenciano on Instagram

It has been a year since Gary Valenciano underwent a heart surgery in connection with his Type 1 Diabetes thus he shared a clip on Instagram thanking everyone who prayed for his speedy recovery.

“I find it very hard to believe that that was a year ago and I can’t help but thank God for the way she showered his love upon me in the form of my family, my kids, my wife who stood by me until the end,” he said.

He went on to thank the “great team of doctors” he had met during the procedure and his avid supporters who never stopped praying for him

“The people here are just a few of the many who came to visit me, work on me, and pray with me. You know who you are. It’s from this newly strengthened heart that I say thank you,” he wrote.


After recuperating, Gary was once again visible on TV and his latest appearance was being a judge on World of Dance Philippines. He recently flew to the US for his concert.