Heart Evangelista responds to netizen calling her ‘ubanin’

The netizen wrote, ‘Ubanin ka na Miss Heart.’

Heart Evangelista responds to netizen calling her ‘ubanin’-PUSH TEAM


05/06/2019 12:26 PM
Heart Evangelista responds to netizen calling her ‘ubanin’
Image credit: @iamhearte IG

Heart Evangelista did not let any negativity affect her mood. On Sunday, May 5, the actress shared a photo of herself while her hair was being fixed when a netizen commented that she had white hairs.

"Ubanin ka na Miss Heart. Ang yaman mo naman. Why don't you do something about it? You look much older than your actual age. #justsaying," the netizen told her.

Heart just shrugged off the comment and said, "Hahaha you can try to make me feel bad but it’s just not going to happen :). I have self worth dear.



In between takes. 🎥 ⁣ ⁣ Wearing @teviant makeup ✨

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Heart's supporters also defended the actress and called out the said netizen. "Kung gray hair iyon dapat sa roots ng hair nag start. But it's pretty obvious na sa top part lang ng hair kaya either reflection ng light or ng hairspray. Anyway Heart already clarified na she has no white hairs. Ang mga basher talaga may magamit lang na excuse para maka bash sa iba," one of Heart's followers said.

Another supporter said, "I don't think there's something wrong when you have gray hair? It will not make you less of a person."