Iza Calzado showcases self-love by posting unedited photo

Iza Calzado proudly shows her body's imperfections.



05/30/2019 10:00 AM
Iza Calzado showcases self-love by posting unedited photo
Photo credit: @missizacalzado on Instagram

Iza Calzado is done hiding behind digitally distorted images. On Tuesday, the actress shared an unedited photo, showcasing how she has learned to embrace her body's imperfections.

"My body has gone through so many changes and as a result I have stretch marks, loose skin, scars and cellulite. I no longer want to hide these behind digitally distorted images because, truth be told, this reduces the pressure of trying to look perfect in every picture," she said.


The actress remarked that sharing the photo is one of the many steps of her "self love journey."

"I have written more about this topic in the latest issue of @metromagph which will be out online soon.   #thebodyloverevolution P.S. Lighting, shadows and angle not included in digital distortion so I will continue to use the to my advantage! Hahaha!" she wrote.