Is Hasht5 making a comeback with Marlou Arizala?

Marlou Arizala says Hasht5 is back.



05/29/2019 11:05 AM
Is Hasht5 making a comeback with Marlou Arizala?
Photo credit: Xander Arizala Facebook page

Marlou Arizala set the online world abuzz after he posted a teaser of what seems to be his return to his former boy group Hasht5.


Hasht5ive Original version.

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"Hasht5ive is back, the new and original member, are you ready guys?" he posted on his Facebook page.

“I think we are ready to perform,” he also wrote, posting a photo of himself and the Hasht5 members.

Following the report that Star Image Artist Management decided to strip him of his "Xander Ford" title, citing that it was his unprofessional behavior that made them do so, Marlou's Facebook account now comes with the name "Xander Arizala." 

It was in 2015 when Hasht5 was formed and became viral on social media before Marlou decided to pursue a solo career.