Alex Gonzaga shares tips on vlogging and dealing with bashers

In her new YouTube video, Alex shares tips on vlogging.

Alex Gonzaga shares tips on vlogging and dealing with bashers-PUSH TEAM


05/28/2019 08:52 AM
Alex Gonzaga shares tips on vlogging and dealing with bashers
Screenshot from Ms Alex Gonzaga's YouTube Channel

Alex Gonzaga shared advice on how to thrive in the vlogging industry. In a new video she uploaded on her channel on Saturday, May 25, the actress gave some tips to her followers about vlogging and dealing with bashers online. 

Alex pointed out that you need to know yourself well so that you will not get affected by the comments of the haters. "Kapag kilala mo 'yung sarili mo, alam mo kung sino ka, alam mo 'yung gusto mo, kung ano 'yung ayaw mo, kung ano 'yung strength mo, ano 'yung weakness mo, accepted mo who you are, hindi ka magpapa-apekto sa sasabihin ng ibang tao. It will take time and you should trust your instinct na sinasabi kung ano ang gusto mo at sino ka, 'yun ang pinakaimportante sa lahat," she stated.

She added that social media is a powerful tool to express oneself. 

"This is the right time to showcase who you really are. Ginawa itong social media, ginawa itong YouTube, ginawa itong Instagram, Facebook, to showcase one's individuality and uniqueness para makita natin kung gaano ka-diverse ang mundo... so instead na sundin mo ano 'yung trending, ipakita mo sa social media kung sino ka talaga," she stated. 

Alex also shared her realization after the recent events in her life. She remarked that no matter how other people try to pull you down, you need to rely in yourself, your family and your faith. 

"Na-realize ko these past three weeks ng buhay ng ate ko, there are people who will celebrate other people's misfortune, there will be people who will wish you ill, there are people who will bring you down, there are people who will influence other people to bring you down, but don't worry, as long as you are not bringing yourself down and as long as kakampi mo sarili mo, pamilya mo and 'yung paniniwala and faith mo, you will be fine," she said.