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EXCLUSIVE: Marlon Stockinger says he wants to see more of the world with Pia Wurtzbach

Marlon Stockinger talks about the secret to his almost three-year relationship with Pia Wurtzbach.


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5/23/2019 9:35 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Marlon Stockinger says he wants to see more of the world with Pia Wurtzbach

As one of the celebrity ambassadors of a popular day spa chain, Marlon Stockinger said he always tries to make time for wellness, even it means going without his girlfriend and fellow endorser Pia Wurtzbach. “If we can we do it together we do. But normally wellness for yourself, I think it’s important to do it regardless if you partner is going to be there or not. If we have the time we do it. For me it’s more of a personal thing towards being you know a fit athlete. They have the athlete services massage here and that’s just great. That’s like an additional piece of recovery, relaxing, getting your body right. It all towards your own personal wellness,” he shared during the grand opening of Blue Water Day Spa in Ortigas last May 22. 

Marlon said that there is no big secret to his steady relationship with his beauty queen girlfriend. “Nothing really. It’s a normal relationship. I don’t think there’s anything special with regards to that. As long as you are partners together, you’re always going to have ups and downs and for me and her it’s always been the same ever since we began. So I really appreciate it and I think also seeing how hardworking she is, I’m really proud of that. Even from the movies, with her transitioning from Miss Universe, it’s been an amazing progression so we’re just doing our thing and having our relationship together. So that’s as simple as it is,” he explained.

As a well-traveled couple, Marlon said he still wants to go see more of the world with Pia. “We try and fit the trips in. We went to Dubai over the Easter holidays and that was pretty fun. Whether we’re going to get another trip soon, I don’t know (laughs). Maybe it’s only going to be because of work. But we really try and squeeze it in whenever we have the time. It’s hard to say now but I think we’d really like to explore more of Europe just because of our roots there. We have been there together but Europe has so many countries. We’ve only explored a little of it together,” he said.

The Blue Water Day spa endorser revealed where exactly he plans to bring Pia on their next holiday together. “I’d say maybe south of France, Italy, taking a drive maybe. It would be really fun. And obviously to take Pia to some race tracks there would be really great because there’s a lot of history and especially in the summer, it’s beautiful days all summer round. So it would be really nice trip to do, if ever,” he added.