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Bianca Gonzalez on not wanting to get pregnant again: ‘Iba yung hirap ng nanay’

Bianca Gonzalez talks about the challenges of raising her growing family.


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5/22/2019 9:50 AM
Bianca Gonzalez on not wanting to get pregnant again: ‘Iba yung hirap ng nanay’

After giving birth to her second daughter Carmen Eliana last October, Bianca Gonzalez said this year’s mother’s day became another milestone in her life. Bianca shared just how lucky she is with her second born daughter. “It was my first mother’s day na dalawa ang bagets. Okay naman. Nakakabaliw talaga ang going from one kid to two kids for sure. If balancing work and self and kid and husband and all these other things were hard with one, with two talagang doubly hard but thankfully yung pangalawa ko is an easier baby. I know a lot of moms na ganun din yung experience nila na the second one is an easier baby meaning feeds well, sleeps long. I remember kasi with my firstborn, talagang up until six months siya, every two to three hours gising siya to breastfeed. But this one, as early as six months natutulog na siya ng six hours so talagang blessing from God in a major way. I don’t know if I as a mom I just got used to it and I know better, or talagang good baby siya,” she shared during the Tang #UhawAreYou Hydration talk event held in Mandaluyong City. 

Bianca admitted that although she is thankful for her husband JC Intal, there are extra challenges for mothers who have multiple kids. “I think it’s so different for a dad than a mom for sure. Ang tatay is there to play with them during waking hours. Iba yung struggle ng nanay when it comes to having two. But definitely very helpful. When you have two kids kasi, definitely as a breastfeeding mom, my baby needs me more kumbaga. So since I’m attached more to the newborn, yung husband ko will attend more to the older one. So yun yung naging balance namin,” she explained.

At this point in her life, the 36-year-old host said she is already happy with her small family. “I think I’m stopping at two kids. I’d like to. My husband would want more but then again, iba talaga sa nanay sa tatay. Kasi yung nanay siya magdadala, siya mag-bre-breastfeed, siya lahat gigising sa gabi. Tatay is just half the genes and of course the support when the baby’s there. Pero kumbaga iba yung hirap ng nanay when it comes to newborn. So I told my husband na happy na kami sa two, but if ever maybe the two are bigger, and kaya pa ng katawan ko, maybe. Pero ang mahal din to have kids eh. So happy na talaga kami sa two,” she explained.