Kisses Delavin shares an open letter about feeling left out

Kisses Delavin admits she has opened up about someone regarding her feelings.



5/2/2019 2:36 PM
Kisses Delavin shares an open letter about feeling left out

Photo credit: @kissesdelavin on Instagram

Kisses Delavin took to Twitter to share an open letter about how she accepted a situation in her life when a person who was once close with her became a stranger again in a snap.

In a long post, she said that she has already shared her sentiment with someone she trusts and she was also given an advice. However, Kisses was still baffled with the thought that someone could immediately change their feelings.

“I shared my thoughts with someone on how one day, people can wake up and feel totally different about you. And how that makes me feel. This person, being one of my greatest advisers, understood in an instant that this isn't about one person only. He knew what I'm talking about. I told him that out of all people, I want those people to be there with me in every success I will be celebrating in life, knowing they were there for me every step of the way. Sabi ko, bakit nagigising ang tao isang araw at lahat ng minahal nila sa'yo, biglang ayaw na nila?”

“How can people change their minds too quickly without warning?” she wrote.

This person then advised Kisses to be independent instead

“I shared it all. And this person, as always, understood. People come and go. You have to be an independent girl, he said. He told me that it's not bad to show people how important they are in my life or to show people that they have a place in my life, but not everyone knows how to treasure love.”

In the end, Kisses admitted that she has learned a lot from this experience.

“The downside is, some people, kapag alam nilang napamahal na sila sa'yo at kailangan mo sila sa buhay mo, they might see themselves as your weakness and leave. ‘What can I do about it?’ I asked. He told me that when people come and love me, I must thank them, enjoy their love and give love back. But when the lights are out and I'm on my own, I must remember that in this fleeting world, there is but One constant, never to doubt me and always will love me just as I am. And His love is enough for me.”


Her followers were quick to comfort her and agreed that God’s love is the greatest.