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Direk Jason Paul Laxamana, umaming napre-pressure sa paggawa ng mainstream movies

Direk Jason Paul Laxamana, nawawalan ang ‘identity’ dahil sa paggawa ng mainstream movies

Leo Bukas

Twitter: @leobukas


05/02/2019 12:11 PM
Direk Jason Paul Laxamana, umaming napre-pressure sa paggawa ng mainstream movies
Photo credit: @jplaxamana on Instagram

May bagong pelikulang ipapalabas si Direk Jason Paul Laxamana mula sa Black Sheep Productions, sister company ng Star Cinema, na pinagbibidahan naman nina Gerald Anderson at Julia Barretto titled Between Maybes.

Aminado ang director na bilang indie filmmaker ay lagi siyang nakakaramdam ng pressure on how to adapt sa nakasanayang style sa paggawa ng mainstream movies.

Aniya, “As an indie filmmaker who went on to direct mainstream movies, I’ve always felt the pressure of adapting to the ‘nakasanayang’ style that the mainstream usually requires. And there were times I felt NOT myself because of this.

“However, I completely understood that I was adapting to survive not only the industry, but adult life as well -- I had to be financially sustainable, I had to start saving up in anticipation of my parents’ eventual retirement, etc. So submission to the establishment, at the expense of my voice, I did.”

Pakiramdam din daw niya ay nawawala ang sarili niyang identity bilang director pero ito rin daw ang nakikita niyang paraan of rediscovering himself.

“In a way, that was my state of being somewhat ‘lost.’ I lost myself; I lost vision of what I truly wanted as a storyteller. What made it different was that in spite of the awareness of getting lost, I knew it was a necessary phase in order to find or rediscover myself eventually.

“Sabi nga ng actors ko sa BTS ng Between Maybes, you have to get lost to find yourself,” paliwanag ng award-winning director.

Patuloy niya, “This project, along with recent ones, signifies my transition from that state of merely surviving the industry to that state of prioritizing meaning and telling stories that matter to me using a meticulously crafted vision -- the nuances of which may not be easily detected by moviegoers, but at least, I can proudly say that it’s ‘me.’”

Samantala, aware ang director na madalas nasu-surprise ang kanyang audience sa kanyang “nerdy outlook” sa buhay na nadadala niya maging sa pagdidirek ng pelikula.

“One characteristic of mine that occasionally baffles or surprises people is my nerdy outlook of life and aversion to compartmentalization.

“Compartmentalization of the mind, I learned from one of my college professors, is when we know all these bodies of knowledge -- history, literature, science, pop culture, language, math, etc -- but we keep them in compartments, isolated from one another.

“Because they’re compartmentalized, ideas in one compartment rarely cross over or blend with ideas locked in another compartment. Ideas about history do not mingle with ideas about pop culture. Ideas about language do not meld with ideas about architecture.

“This also applies to when ideas about romance or family do not get to mingle with ideas about Mother Nature or anthropology. I detest this. And so, in my films, including Between Maybes, you’ll detect this refusal of compartmentalization, something which I have long been fighting for in my films,” mahaba niyang paliwanag.

Mula sa Google, ang definition ng compartmentalization is a “subconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.”

Showing na sa May15 ang Between Maybes. Ang pelikula ay kinunan sa Japan.