Angel Locsin asks tips on how to heal her black eye

‘The General’s Daughter’ star clarifies the injury she sustained was not from any physical abuse.



5/19/2019 10:33 AM
Angel Locsin asks tips on how to heal her black eye

Photo credit: @therealangellocsin on Instagram

Late in the evening of May 18, The General’s Daughter star Angel Locsin shared  photos of her black eye on Instagram, which was already showing signs of discoloration under her left eye. 

The Kapamilya actress asked for help on how to treat it from her 5.3 million Instagram followers. Although she did not reveal what caused the bruise, Angel clarifies that it did not come from physical abuse. 

She wrote:

“50 Shades of Black under my eye, na sinubukan kong i-mowdel😆 

Any helpful tips on how to get rid of a black eye quickly, aside from vitamin C, arnica, & ice? I’m proud of my battle scars but this girl gotta work. 

PS. I was not abused. Thank you!”


Angel actively posts regarding doing stunt work for her teleserye. She also posted videos of the rigorous training she does to transform into her character Rhian Bonifacio. 



Watch some of her fight scenes and training below:





My spine injury will always be with me and it took me a while to accept that. As a former athlete who used to believe in “mind over matter” to conquer pain, I realized that pain is sometimes just a reminder that we might be pushing ourselves too hard beyond our limits. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop. Don’t go there. PLEASE. Rest for a while. DON’T EVER rush yourself to recovery and NEVER let pressure hinder your body’s healing process. Take your time. Don’t ever feel guilty or sorry. And don’t try to over-compensate just to please others. Focus on what you can do. ACCEPT and learn to ADJUST. After many relapses & tears, Despite being told that I CANNOT anymore, this is me doing kicks again :) Prolly not the way that I used to, but this is fine for now. I’m doing this carefully this time. with the help of my trusted PT and instructors. still a long way to go. If you are suffering from injuries and reading this, I hope your process will not take as long as mine. If it does, that’s fine. You would know when you’re ready to bounce back. Praying for no pain and speedy recovery. If you are among the lucky ones who are not in pain, thanks for taking time to read this long post. I appreciate your effort and I hope that you could help uplift the suffering through awareness and understanding. Cheers to good health!

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