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‘It hurts’: Moira Dela Torre speaks up for the first time after getting bashed for being chosen as ’Idol’ judge

Moira Dela Torre also discusses the reason they did not say yes to contestant Luke Baylon and the backlash they received afterwards.



5/18/2019 12:40 PM
‘It hurts’: Moira Dela Torre speaks up for the first time after getting bashed for being chosen as ’Idol’ judge

Photo credit: @moirarachelle on Instagram

Ever since Idol Philippines announced that Moira Dela Torre was one of the judges for the all-new local reboot of the popular singing talent competition, the 25-year-old singer has been receiving non-stop hate online questioning her credibility as an artist. 

Dela Torre, who snagged the Mellow Video of the Year and Collaboration of the Year trophies at the recently concluded MYX Music Awards 2019, was also the recipient of the first-ever Spotify Award for Most Streamed Artist with over 400 million streams on the digital streaming platform. 

That said, the “Tagpuan” singer spoke up on the issue for the first time after getting asked about how she feels about getting embroiled in several controversies recently. 

You know, they are always entitled to their own opinion. For me, alam ko po sa sarili ko na Fremantle and ABS management chose me and gave me this position. But at the end of the day, it was my listeners who placed me in this kind of position. And you know, there are people who don’t like me but I know there are people who still love me so as long as I know people who love me know I’m credible to be there,” she said. 

At least nagva-viral,” she added, chuckling. 

While she chose to ignore all the hate, Moira Dela Torre said she can’t help but feel hurt over all of it.

Well, siyempre masakit. But this isn’t my first time being bashed. It hurts, honestly. And it’s not okay. I want to say na you know, kebs lang. I-ignore mo lang,” she stated. 

She admitted she still has a lot to learn and that she welcomes constructive criticism openly because she knows she still has so much to improve as a judge.

Lahat naman diyan sa ABS naba-bash. Pero at the end of the day, hindi talaga siya tama eh. Kasi may constructive criticism at may mga criticism na tinatago nila sa constructive criticism. But at the end of the day, constructive criticism should build people up and inspire not bring them down. And there are so many unnecessary comments. I take the constructive criticism to heart, and alam naman nila po and amindo naman ako that I have so much to improve. As a judge, sobrang mahiyain ko po kasi. So ‘pag may energy ako sa stage, nagmumukha akong OA. Kasi hindi ako ‘yun eh. But I’m improving, I know I’ll get better but I know that in the last 11 years in the industry, I deserve this spot,” she said. 

Dela Torre, who also got caught up in an issue questioning her and her fellow judges’ decision to not give contestant Luke Baylon a golden ticket, had this to say: “I really really liked him but I just feel like ang dami pa po kasing contestants. Ang dami pa. And a lot of the opinions online, it’s like si Luke na ‘yung last. Hindi naman nila nakikita ‘yung nangyayari behind the camera. Luke was great but I know that he is going to have his own moment. Kung may naniniwala po sa second chances, ako po ‘yun. Kasi ako naman po hindi ako pumasa sa Live Rounds but I have my own moment. God has different ways of telling our stories. Who I was five to six years ago, ngayon lang nag-boom ‘yung career ko. And I really believe that Luke has his own story to tell.