Kim Chiu thanks Kris Aquino for her special gift

Kim Chiu receives a Chanel bag from her ‘ate’ Kris Aquino.



5/16/2019 11:37 AM
Kim Chiu thanks Kris Aquino for her special gift

Photo credit: @krisaquino on Instagram

Kim Chiu shared on her Instagram story that she received a special gift from her ‘ate’ Kris Aquino and was thankful for it.

“OMG! Thank you so much, ate! This is too much but thank you sobra! Miss you, ate! Take care of your health always ate. I love! I miss you!” she wrote while holding the Chanel bag Kris gave her.

In another post, she wished for Kris’s good health and also expressed how much she admires the Queen of All Media as her close friend and ‘ate.’

“We may not see each other always, please know that I will always be here for you no matter what. I miss you! Take care of your health ate! Praying that you stay strong amidst everything,” she said.

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Kim did not forget Kris on Mother’s Day and made sure that she felt special after sending over balloons and flowers. However, Kris suffered from a bad fall in her home.



Let’s start with the pretty roses & feel good balloons. Thank you for your thoughtfulness @chinitaprincess and @ellesyu. i put the picture of my bruised & swollen right arm in the middle of the carousel of pics. my new theme song seems to be Culture Club’s “i’ll tumble 4 ya” because it’s becoming like Chicago’s “hard habit to break”... we already changed my bed to a lower one but after my morning shower i took a shortcut, stepped onto the bed, lost my footing and fell straight into the wooden breakfast tray. Warning: it’s not great to have a sound proofed home. Bimb was in his study room across & i was afraid to move in case i dislocated anything; i kept shouting for HELP but nobody could hear me... after a couple of minutes i saw my phone was within reach & i called bincai, she came in, saw me in a crumpled heap then 3 of them helped put me in a seated position to check if i had hurt anything badly. My lower right side arms up to my shoulder have scrapes, bruises, and swelling. Ribs hurt, left side of my neck feels sore & i feel a bukol in the back of my head. To lighten the situation i know that i’m kelly clarkson’s “beautiful disaster” but as ed sheeran said at least “hearts don’t break around here”... good health to all.

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