Nadine Lustre reacts to ‘President Nadine Lustre’ meme

Nadine Lustre finally shares her thoughts on the meme that has been around for years now.



5/14/2019 10:55 AM
Nadine Lustre reacts to ‘President Nadine Lustre’ meme

Photo Credit: @innarchyy @nadine on IG

Nadine Lustre finally reacted to the "President Nadine Lustre" meme that has been going around online for years now. According to the actress, she is pleased to know that there are people who find her as an inspiration.

"Honestly it's just really nice to be someone a lot of people look up to, na ako 'yung parang inspiration nila, na they look at me as someone who's strong, who is very empowered, someone who is inspiring also," she said in a video posted by ABS-CBN News

She added that it has always been her goal to influence people to always work hard to pursue their dreams. "Since the beginning naman, noong pumasok ako sa showbiz, iyon naman po talaga 'yung gusto kong gawin. I want everyone to realize na... Just strive, reach for your dreams," she stated.

Nadine also remarked that she is glad the she has become a role for model for her young fans.

"I was very insecure when I was younger and I was looking for someone, a role model to look up to, to show me it's going to be okay, you're going to have better days. It's okay that you have this now; you're going to get over it. Wala po ako kasi akong naging role model when I was younger. Now, I'm just really happy na ako 'yung para sa karamihan ng mga bata para sa akin," she said.