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Chito Miranda claps back at a netizen who called him out for ‘problematic’ lyrics

Chito Miranda keeps his cool by sending out ‘peace and good vibes.’



05/11/2019 10:17 AM
Chito Miranda claps back at a netizen who called him out for ‘problematic’ lyrics
Photo credit: @chitomirandajr IG

While several people agreed with Chito Miranda’s comments regarding the way Batang ‘90s and millennials react to song lyrics during a recent gig in Makati, it seems like the Parokya ni Edgar frontman may have had ruffled the feathers of some netizens.

“Nothing against the millennials pero sometimes ‘yung mga millennials, masyadong sensitive. Pare, noong nilabas namin ‘yung kanta na ‘yan, walang na-offend. Alam niyo kung bakit? Tayong mga batang ‘90s, we don’t get offended by songs,” he said, speaking to the ‘90s kid in front of him before playing out their song “Silvertoes.”

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In a series of tweets, Chito Miranda clarified his remarks so as to address everyone who may have been offended by his previous statements pertaining to millennials.

“‘Yung mga batang ‘90s, sila yung mga teenagers at college kids nung ‘90s (pinanganak ng ‘70s-early ‘80s) na kung kanino directed lahat ng bago at uso nung ‘90s (‘90s music, technology, fashion, etc.). Hindi po ibig sabihin na ‘90s kid ka kasi pinanganak ka nung ‘90s,” Miranda clarified.


Ang corny. I’m trying to explain what I meant by Batang ‘90s to kids who want to be technical with terms (GenZ vs GenY) regarding a stupid song I wrote when I was 17 years old. I was 17! I was a HS kid writing songs which I thought were funny! Gago kami nung mga bata kami eh,” he added.



“Again, sorry kids kung na-offend kayo! (whether kung Gen Z ka or Gen Y or millennial or kung pinanganak ka ng ‘90s, or whatever it is you want to call yourselves), sorry kung na-offend ka sa isang kanta na sinulat nung 1993 ng isang batang gago. Sa mga hindi na-offend, salamat,” he stated.

“I searched for the lyrics of ‘Silvertoes’ and lol at you Chito the lyrics are problematic in every way possible. It’s not that millennials are sensitive. Talagang patriarchal, homophobic, racist, and body shamers lang talaga ang generation niyo,” the netizen wrote.

To which he responded: “Just like a 17 year old kid (Shanti Dope) writing a song about dark nipples. But if I’m not mistaken, he’s part of your generation.”

But instead of calling out netizen, Chito Miranda responded by unearthing a tweet from the netizen dating back to 2015. 

With many fans still seemingly confused with his definitions of “Batang ‘90s” and “millennials,” Miranda wrote: “May mga pinanganak na year 2000, pero sa puso at isipan, batang ‘90s sila. Meron din akong kilala na matanda na pero parang millennial umasta. And okay lang lahat yan. Let's not get too caught up with terms and technicalities.”

He then went on: “Ang nakakatawa, may mga na-offend kasi sabi ko some kids nowadays are easily offended. So does that not confirm what I said? Anyway, sorry ulit sa mga na-offend! Sometimes I say the darndest things when I'm on stage. You all know I'm all about fun and good vibes. Peace!”