Daniel Matsunaga gives tips on how to be a real gentleman

Daniel Matsunaga shares how his family helped shape his values growing up.


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5/10/2019 9:55 AM
Daniel Matsunaga gives tips on how to be a real gentleman

Photo credit: @dandanmatsunaga on Instagram

After walking the local runway again recently, Daniel Matsunaga said he is happy to be back in the country and doing work as one of the ambassadors of Men’s Club by Avon. “Mabuti naman. Masaya. This is my third year with Avon. I’m so blessed with this family. I’ve been doing modeling for 16 years. I always try my best to fit with the time, the busy schedule because I’ve been working so much. I get home at one or two a.m. and I have a gym at home. I just find time to exercise kahit puyat. If I don’t have enough time to exercise, I try to eat as healthy as I can, parang ganun,” he shared.

The 30-year-old Brapanese hunk admitted he is still waiting for his next acting project but is happy to have time to visit his girlfriend Kaolina Pisarek who is based in Poland. “Right now wala pang projects. I just did Minute to Win it and I was the last man standing and ngayon puro guestings lang. Sana soon magkaroon,” he said.

As one of the celebrity models for the international brand along with new underwear ambassadors Enchong Dee and Tanner Mata, Daniel shared what it means for him to be a true gentleman. “Being a gentleman, I guess it’s in your roots, being humble. Spreading positivity around you, respecting people, and just trying to please others without expecting anything in return. I guess that’s something that my parents taught me since I was young and I carry it with me. And I guess by putting Jesus as your role model it really helps the most because you try to really do your best,” he explained.