Tony Labrusca admits he has anger issues

Tony Labrusca says he has already sought help for his bad temper.


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5/1/2019 12:00 PM
Tony Labrusca admits he has anger issues

“Legit” ang isinagot ni Tony Labrusca sa tanong kung meron siyang bad temper sa segment na legit or lie sa Tonight with Boy Abunda. Ang ibinigay pang halimbawa ay ang insidenteng naganap sa airport kung saan diumano uminit ang ulo ni Tony sa isang immigration officer.

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Ani Tony, “I’ll just say legit because to be completely honest, I have kind of like an anger issue that I had a really hard time with growing up. I think it just stemmed from feeling like I wasn’t being heard…”

Wala naman daw sinisisi si Tony sa pagkakaroon niya ng anger issue. “I don’t want to blame my family or whatever… Growing up, I was the type of kid, if I was in a fight or in an argument I always want my piece to be heard and I didn’t feel like I was always being listened to,” rebelasyon ni Tony.

Lumala pa daw ito ayon kay Tony. “It got to a point where I was just this angsty kid. I was just so angry at everything. It came to a point that I don’t even know why I’m so angry …. You will just start crying and I don’t even know why I’m so upset.”

Inamin din ni Tony na pinag-aaralan naman niyang ma-overcome ang nasabing anger issues. “It’s something I’m working on. I actually go to a life coach and I went to a neurological brain doctor because I wanted to know why I was so emotional.” 

Ayon daw sa duktor ni Tony, “There is a side of my brain which controls my emotions and it’s running on beta waves. Beta waves is like the highest frequency… (it means) I don’t have much control over my emotions.”

Ayon pa kay Tony, ang pagiging masyadong emosyonal niya ay “double-edged sword” dahil nakakatulong din naman daw ito sa pagiging actor niya.

Nang tanungin kung ano ang napulot niyang lesson sa insidente sa airport, sagot ni Tony ay, “Calmer heads will prevail. It’s taught me so much about humanity and the world that I’m in.” Ganunpaman, hindi daw magrerekamo si Tony dahil, “This is something I signed up for.”