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  • Quest shared his thoughts on same-sex marriage, saying he disagrees with it because he believes in the bible and its teachings where marriage is only meant for a man and a woman.

Saab Magalona, Quest engage in heated Twitter war over same-sex marriage

Quest shared his thoughts on same-sex marriage, saying he disagrees with it because he believes in the bible and its teachings where marriage is only meant for a man and a woman.

Saab Magalona, Quest engage in heated Twitter war over same-sex marriage-PUSH TEAM


04/07/2019 05:01 PM
Saab Magalona, Quest engage in heated Twitter war over same-sex marriage
Photo credit to: @saabmagalona IG

Indie OPM artist Quest is currently in hot water after stating he doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage. And Saab Magalona was one of the celebrities who disagreed with him. 

"Some are going beast mode over this. One man asked, I replied.I have vegan friends. I have Muslim friends. I have friends from different religions. WE GET ALONG. BECAUSE WE DON’T SHOVE OUR BELIEFS TO ONE ANOTHER. That's called respect. Agree to disagree. Love and respect..

I believe in the bible and some don’t. I do not agree with same-sex marriage but I respect people and their choices and I intensely love my gay friends,” Quest wrote. 



Responding to Quest's now-deleted tweet about "not compromising" one's beliefs, Saab wrote: "I think it’s alright to compromise if you later learn that your own beliefs are incredibly backward. Some people are straight up attacking you but I hope you don’t dismiss those who are genuinely trying to enlighten you."

Then, Quest replied: "Love who you want. Marry who you want. Worship who you want. No one should stop you. Not even the Government."

But Magalona took none of Quest's response, Magalona pointed out Quest's beliefs and said that his way of thinking is the reason why the government isn't pursuing the legal remedies for criticisms faced by the LGBT community. 

"If I’m not mistaken, most my LGBT friends want the option to get married more for the legal benefits straight people get than because of the sacrament. It’s so easy to say “marry who you want” because WE are able to. The reality is that the government IS stopping them because of beliefs like yours," the Cheats vocalist wrote.

She then went on: “Here’s why you think you are being misunderstood: You say “I don’t agree with same sex marriage” but you say you could care less if the government legalize it so they should “just get out of it.” Again, easy for straight folks like us to say things like this. But what is the reality today? Oppression and straight up disregard for human beings that are slightly different from us (see: Brunei),” she wrote, referring to the new laws imposed in the country of Brunei where homosexuals are getting condemned. 

So maybe we can *at the very least* show compassion by not declaring we don’t agree with a basic right. I hope you understand the backlash. I swear it’s not just the mema beast mode pa-woke culture,” she added.

According to Saab, she isn't fond of the "call out culture," but she thinks it's best for people to know her personal take on the issue. 

"I really don’t like 'Call Out Culture' but I saw some people agreeing with you so I thought I’d publicly reply para ma-gets rin nila sana! At hindi kasya sa tweet so nag notes na ako haha. No tea, no shade, I really just want to help explain," she added. 

But Quest didn't back down on his stance and wrote a lengthy reply, saying: "Then let's have it legalized. If the government can’t do that then stay away from it. There are organizations all over the world that legalizes gay marriage. Go for it,” he wrote.

The problem is I am forced to modify my belief because it offends them. You have seen me outside Twitter … how I am with everyone. All love and respect. I don’t shove my belief to people because we are not the same … and that’s okay. We should be free to believe whatever, practice whatever as long as no one is hurt. Everyone deserves their space to exercise their beliefs. I got asked a question if I am for same-sex marriage. I said I don’t agree with it, but everyone is free to choose their beliefs. I will not condemn or ridicule them for believing differently because that’s the beauty of humanity. Living in harmony despite the differences,” he added. 

To which Saab replied: “Very sad that you think your beliefs do not hurt anybody when it’s exactly why the government is not giving the same rights to the LGBTQ+ community. Hoping you have a change of heart sooner than later.



But things didn’t stop there because Saab Magalona went on to ask Quest the reason behind his stand on gay marriage. 

Maybe you can explain nalang why exactly you don’t agree with same-sex marriage? Because once you started writing down your possible reasons for this, maybe you’ll understand exactly why same-sex marriage hurts absolutely nobody while being against it hurts so many people,” she stated.  

Because I believe in the bible Saab. I believe marriage is made for a man and a woman. That’s it. But if someone has a different set of beliefs, I’m not gonna ridicule them or condemn them because they believe differently. I will respectfully give the space they need to practice it. I won’t even think low of you because magkaiba tayo ng paniniwala. I will still give you the same love and treatment I give to everyone else. No one should be above anyone. But we should all respect people’s beliefs,” Quest replied. 



In the end, Quest took back his previous stand on same-sex marriage and hope for “love and respect for all.”

Legalize same-sex marriage. Equality 4 all. We all deserve a safe space to practice our beliefs. No one should get ridiculed for believing differently. LOVE and RESPECT. I was NEVER against SSM. My view of marriage is different but I don't have the right to shove (it) to you,” he wrote. 

Quest, known for his songs such as “Walang Hanggan,” “Sige Lang” and “Dati” alongside Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos, also thanked Juan Miguel Severo and Mari Jasmine for “understanding him.”

Read the rest of his statement below: