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EXCLUSIVE: Gab Valenciano opens up how his girlfriend helped him realize she’s ‘the one’

Gab Valenciano shares how lucky he is to have his girlfriend Joann Santiago in his life - especially during the dark moments of his life.



4/6/2019 9:57 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Gab Valenciano opens up how his girlfriend helped him realize she’s ‘the one’

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Having gone through a rough time in his personal life over the past couple of years, Gab Valenciano shared the current state of his mental health. 

“Right now, I feel good. I feel rejuvenated. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but i feel really healthy right now. I feel really fit. I’m going to the gym almost every day. I think it was just a matter of me accepting my mental issues. But right now I’m very very kumbaga content and happy where I am in terms of my emotional spiritual and mental state,” he told PUSH during an exclusive interview at an exclusive party organized by Frontrow last April 3. 

Valenciano, whose Twitter has tons of inspiring quotes, revealed that the reason behind it: he wants to give back to other people - especially those who have mental health issues who get exposed to the toxic world of social media from time to time.

“Well, definitely I’m very open about my mental health. And so it’s a direct reflection of where I want to be in life. It’s not fake. It’s not something that I try to make up. It’s definitely authentic and genuine because you know the world today. My god there’s so much negativity especially in social media. So ‘yung gusto kong ibigay sa tao, when they read it, is as much positivity as possible for me. There’s so much negativity that I see both Facebook and Instagram. Twitter, lahat. Kumbaga, that’s my small token in terms of the young millennials right now,” he stated. 

According to Valenciano, he feels thankful to have his girlfriend Joann Santiago whom he described as “the most patient, the most kind, and the most understanding human being” in his life. 


I know we don’t get to go out on dates that often anymore because of how busy I am now. We don’t get to watch the latest movies, catch concerts or simply grab a drink in a random place in the middle of nowhere. I miss all that, I miss you. I genuinely miss you. But I can guarantee you that everything I am doing right now, everything I strive to be is for my future and that future has a lot of you written all over it. Thank you for allowing me to develop, magnify and amplify my element by being the wind that allows me to soar higher than I could have ever imagined. For showing me that no matter what has happened in the past, that life is about chances and finding beauty in those chances. I won’t stop till I give you the life you deserve and finally turn to you and say, Jo, I got this. I got you. And your family. Forever. I love you, my radiant queen. Stay with me till I can no longer see. ✨ #gabandjo

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“Our relationship is great. I mean, of course, we also have our ups and downs. But it's not easy to be with someone with mental issues and she has been the most patient, the most kind, the most understanding human being that I’ve ever known. And she’s just there. She’s just present. Sometimes, wala siyang magawa and she’s just there. So sobrang thankful ako kay God that he blessed me with someone like her,” he said. 

Sharing how Santiago offers him emotional support during dark moments of his life, Valenciano cited several things including reminding him of his blessings in life. Plus, she makes him realize she’s ‘the one.’

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“She reminds me of my blessings, she reminds me of my family, my friends, yung mga less fortunate people that going through much worse things. And of course, she can’t compare that. But at the end of the day, it makes me realize. That brings me back to her. She makes me realize na ‘oo nga naman.’ You know, it’s not every day that you have people that can be there and can take the hits. I never hit her, I never hurt her. I never thought about it. But in terms of being there and seeing me think of certain things for her to be patient, that takes a lot. So hopefully, siya na talaga and hopefully she’s the one. Honestly,” he stated.

Knowing what it’s like to suffer from mental health Valenciano is currently developing an app where everyone can seek mental health support 24/7.

“It’s not just an app. It’s also a movement. So basically, I want it to be like a 24-hour source where people can go and get healthy whether it’s through talking, whether it’s social media, whether it’s through actually physically going or being there because suicide right now is not a joke. People, it’s happening every day or every other day with people who are, who have a lot and who have nothing. So for me, I’ve been there. So I want to be able to you know not naman save the world with my concept but to be able to at least save as many people as possible,” he said. 

Gab was previously in a controversial relationship with TV host Tricia Centenera, whom he married three times. The two separated after over a year but have remained friends after talking about their differences. 

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