Push Evolution: Coco Martin

Coco Martin has definitely built his way to the top! Check out his showbiz journey in this Push Evolution.



4/3/2019 2:01 PM
Push Evolution: Coco Martin

Photo credit: @mr.cocomartin on Instagram (L)

Known to be not just as a good actor but as a generous person as well, Coco Martin never fails to share whatever he has to those in need. And for that, blessings continue to pour in for the Kapamilya actor!

Having worked on several TV and movie projects as well as brand endorsements in countless different platforms, Coco Martin has eventually become one of the top showbiz personalities in the country. 

From a well-loved indie actor who started from the bottom, Coco Martin paved his way to success by remaining humble while striving his way to the top! 

Now, he has it all!

Of course, the self-made Ang Probinsyano star continues to reap the fruits of his labor by buying the things that make him happy. In 2014, Coco Martin toured his fans inside his luxurious home through the now-defunct morning show Kris TV. 

Housed inside his humble abode is an impressive collection of luxury cars and motorbikes, among others. From BMW to Dodge Challenger to Mini Cooper, name it, Coco Martin has it!

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