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‘I’ve never planned on going solo’: Juris opens up about personal challenges on pursuing a solo career

Juris, who left MYMP in 2009, said she never expected that she would pursue a solo career after being part of a band for several years.



4/27/2019 10:51 AM
‘I’ve never planned on going solo’: Juris opens up about personal challenges on pursuing a solo career

Juris Fernandez, who was the lead vocalist of one of the biggest acoustic groups in the 2000s MYMP, opened up the personal challenges she faced when she decided to take a different path by pursuing a career a solo artist.

Well, from the beginning, I guess, ‘yung transition from being band going to solo. Not so much I think sa mga any business side of it. Siguro, sa akin personal challenge siya—the mere fact that I’ve never planned on going solo. So it’s a different field kumbaga para sa akin. Kung ako lang medyo napaka-introvert kong tao so I was more on relaxed when I was in a band because I knew that I was in a group,” she said.

But then I realized na if I perform naman outside, may mga kasama din akong tumutugtog and ‘yun lang more on myself yun lang ‘yung challenge sa sarili ko na kaya kong gawin kasi pangalan ko yung dala ko and I need to open myself more of course. Just like by doing this during a presscon yung mga ganon lang naman. Siguro hindi rinig sa akin and then this year when I got married or when I became a mom. Ganon din for myself and may band din akong laging kasama at that time eh nung nagsosolo ako,” she stated. 

Admitting that she felt worried knowing she won’t be doing as many gigs especially with the people who helped her along the way when she decided to pursue a solo career, she said: “So my concern was I won’t be doing so much gigs and my concern was them so ano gagawin nila but they’re very talented naman musicians okay naman sila,” she added.

Now a mother of two, Juris said nothing has changed when it comes to her musicality as an artist except for her. As it turns out, the only thing that changed is scheduling which she admits definitely became different in a lot of ways. 

Wala namang nagbago with my style maybe with the kinds of music that I like to sing. Definitely, ‘di siya magbabago ng ganun lang because ‘yung mga nakikinig sakin siyempre importante rin kung ano ‘yung mga gusto nila. Siguro nagbago ‘yung ‘pag i-is-schedule ng mga gigs ko ganyan. Medyo nalilimit ‘yung time for that. ‘Yun lang naman nagbago talaga,” she said.

While Juris has become one of the biggest artists of this generation, she revealed that she never once thought that she would become the huge singer that she is today.

Definitely, hindi syempre. Hindi ko siya naisip. Hindi ko nga naisip na mangyari sa akin magso-solo at that time. Parang one day at a time on my part and I’m just again thankful na talagang maraming naniniwala sa akin at that time. So sinuwerte ako definitely with my first album - great composers na gumawa ng kanta para sa akin. That album actually won album of the year sa Awit Awards. ‘Di ko nga na-imagine ‘yun. So ‘yun naging malaking tulong sakin talaga yung mga taong sumusuporta,” she stated. 

Juris, whose music once crossed over to neighboring Asian countries, said she feels thankful for the dawn of the digital age which she believes gives the opportunity for her music to get heard in other parts of the globe.

When I started with Star Music, I actually went to Korea. I also had an album out in Singapore. ‘Yung mga unang panahon na nagsimula ako sa Star Music. It’s a good thing though now even if I don’t have that opportunity to be released there siguro by Star Music itself but we are digitally-released right now—most of the albums and most of the songs. So it’s a good thing that we have that at least maka reach out ako sa ibang bansa,” she said. 

Marking her 10th anniversary as an artist under Star Music this year, Juris will stage a concert at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre at Resorts World Manila on June 15.

Sharing what fans can expect from the show, director Francis Concio said: “Marami kaming genres during the show. So halo-halo din siya. Different styles, different tastes. So that’s what people can expect when they watch the show.