Management drops Marlou Arizala, searches for next Xander Ford

Management drops Marlou Arizala, searches for next Xander Ford-PUSH TEAM


04/23/2019 06:29 PM
Management drops Marlou Arizala, searches for next Xander Ford
Photo credit: @xanderfordwarriors IG

Star Image Artist Management announced on Monday that they have officially retrieved the title of Xander Ford from their artist, former Hasht5 member and online personality Marlou Arizala, following an order of his indefinite suspension due to several conflicts.

Through a lengthy Facebook post, the agency explained why they’ve decided to drop Marlou, whose claim to fame was his shocking transformation as Xander on Sunday series Rated K back in October 2017. 

“The name XANDER FORD has been given to Marlou by his managers Sir David and Sir Vince, owners of Star Image, to introduce his new character / Alter Ego as a Kind, Well-mannered, humble and Responsible Artist, and mainly to set a good example and inspire people especially the Filipino youth,” they wrote.

“[His] transformation became a worldwide phenomenon. But unfortunately, Marlou slowly been consumed by his temporary fame and the attitude towards work and colleagues became worse. It came to a point that he said ‘I never wanted this fame and to work in showbiz. I just wanted to look good!,” they added.

Star Image revealed that the ultimate cause for his suspension was a breach of contract on Marlou’s end, having described their client as “stubborn” and “unprofessional.” 

“As of July 2018, Marlou Arizala was given the highest disciplinary action which is ‘INDEFINITE SUSPENSION’ due to breach of contract, violating the signed Memorandum of Agreement under Section 3 (Confidentiality and Non-disclosure), Section 4 (Exclusivity) and Section 5 (Performance and Attitude). Which means, we cannot allow him to participate any events or engagements without our consent and approval, until we waive the suspension,” they wrote.

“This is also to give him a lesson. But Marlou is a hopeless case. He can’t follow even a simple direction. Such a stubborn unprofessional individual,” they added.

Following the revocation of the title, Star Image said that they will be looking for the rightful person to bear the name of Xander Ford. 

“Today, April 22, 2019, STAR IMAGE Artist Management has decided to get back the name XANDER FORD from Marlou Arizala and to give to the Rightful Person bearing the good qualities that we are looking for an upcoming Idol and to become a good role model to all,” they wrote.

However, Marlou will remain under their management by virtue of the Philippine law effective until May 4, 2022.

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