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EXCLUSIVE: Jason Mraz reveals collaboration with Filipino artist

The Grammy-winning performer is set to perform with the said artist in his upcoming concert in Manila as part of his ‘Good Vibes 2019’ Asia tour this May.



4/23/2019 1:55 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Jason Mraz reveals collaboration with Filipino artist

Photo credit: grammy.com

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz could hardly contain his excitement about his return to the Philippines five years since he last visited and played for his Filipino fans.

It was in October last year when the ‘I’m Yours’ hitmaker announced that he will be holding a concert in Manila as part of his ‘Good Vibes 2019’ Asia tour this coming May.

In an exclusive phone interview with Push early this Tuesday, Jason said that he’s looking forward to continuing his relationship with his avid listeners in the Philippines with his nearing comeback.

“I’m very excited. I love that I get to travel the world with my friends and we get to play the songs we love and we get to share them with the people listening to the songs. We wouldn’t be there, and I wouldn’t be a performer, if there were no listeners. It’s a relationship, and I’m excited to come back and continue that relationship,” he said.

The 41-year-old musician is expected to play songs from ‘Know.’, his sixth and latest studio album, which he released back in August last year. When asked what he’s most proud of about his new music, he said, “Through the years, I guess I never thought I’d make it this far or have so many stories to tell. So, I’m really proud of the collection and this album came to be love letters that I wrote to my wife.”

“One of the most important [lessons] I gained [prior to making this album] was get off the road for a little while, get married, come home. Step into this new age, this new chapter,” he added.

Aside from mangoes, Jason sees Filipino hospitality as what sets the Philippines apart from the other countries he has previously visited. “I got to say it’s the reception of the fans. It’s unlike anywhere else. There’s so much love in the room and so many beautiful voices that sing along with us that really stand out,” he said.

The Grammy-winning performer, who shot to fame in 2002 following the release of his first major debut album ‘Waiting for My Rocket to Come’, also revealed that he has recently joint forces with Filipino artist Renee Dominique for a collaboration song, which they are expected to perform together live in his upcoming concert.

“I had recently been introduced to Reneé Dominique. She’s an artist on the rise. I got familiar with her as she posted a cover on YouTube of a song called ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, and her voice, she sounded angelic. It didn’t sound connected to any particular region on the planet. It just sounded heavenly,” he said.

“I made contact with Reneé and we wrote a song together recently. That will be coming out, I believe, early this summer. Probably in late May. We did all that collaboration by the Internet. But she’ll be joining me at the concert in Manila so we can perform our song together which is very exciting,” he added.

On his message to his Filipino fans, Jason said, “Thank you, my Filipino fans! You are the best, you are the most caring and kind and loving fans that an artist could be blessed with. Thank you very much.”

Catch Jason at his ‘Good Vibes’ concert on May 8, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena.