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‘Rich Kids' Tokhang’: Mikhail Red describes his upcoming film, ‘Dead Kids’

Mikhail Red also explains how he did the casting for his new thriller, ‘Dead Kids.’

Edo Daria

Twitter: @edodaria


04/20/2019 07:00 AM
‘Rich Kids' Tokhang’: Mikhail Red describes his upcoming film, ‘Dead Kids’
Photo credit: @red_mikhail on Instagram

Eerie director Mikhail Red will be bringing another new and exciting movie for Filipino audiences with his upcoming thriller, Dead Kids.

In an exclusive interview with PUSH, Mikhail gave more details about his new movie. "It's very hip, very millennial, actually Gen Z pa nga ang target niya e. And it's about the youth dealing with their own persoal insecurities and at the same time, their own entitled views," he said. 

According to Mikhail, Dead Kids will be the first movie with the theme of high school kidnap/abduction that's set in the Filipino context, and along with a current societal issue of vigilante killings.

"It's a fusion of western genre and we're re-introducing it sa Pinoy audience na set in a Pinoy milieu. Kasi ano siya e, parang age ng tokhang, pero perspective ng mga rich kids—how they interact with this new changing environment. Kasi tungkol din siya sa vigilante justice, pero from their point of view," he told PUSH.


With cast members Sue Ramirez, Markus Paterson, Khalil Ramos, Vance Larena, Gabby Padilla, Kelvin Miranda, and Jan Silverio, Red also shared his process of how they were chosen for their roles and the how he works with their chemistry.

"Actually mayroong two characters kasi na sila yung tent-pole anchor youth characters in high school, which is 'yung popular jock and then the dream girl. So automatically naisip ko na si Markus (Paterson) and si Sue Ramirez right away.

"Tapos yung gang, who will do the kidnapping sila yung dead kids, sila yung bottom ng high school hierarchy, yun yung ginusto naming i-audition to find actors who can really play the role na may teen angst. 

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Aside from the Dead Kids, Red is also working on another film, the zombie thriller, Block Z, with cast members Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Maris Racal, McCoy De Leon, and much more. 

Director Mikhail is also looking to marketing his films in the international scene. "I was [recently] in Hong Kong to market—selling Dead Kids, selling Block Z, selling Eerie, and another project. All projects are helping each other. Yung buzz nilang lahat is actually helping each other so mainit kami sa market [ngayon]," he said.


Block Z and Dead Kids have no final dates of release yet, but from Red's previous Instagram story, he said that they are targeting a December 2019 playdate.