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Will Ken San Jose and AC Bonifacio be pairing up as love team?

After releasing his first music video, Ken San Jose says he is now considering going into acting.



4/12/2019 1:17 PM
Will Ken San Jose and AC Bonifacio be pairing up as love team?

Photo credit: @kensanjose on Instagram (L)

Dancer Ken San Jose, who just turned 17 last Wednesday, April 10, met with his fans and the press for a birthday celebration/media conference for his new music video, “Lose Control”.

Ken recently won the World of Dance PH Junior Division and placed third overall.

"[This year] our plan is to start working on an EP and album po. So look out for that," Ken told the press.

While starting to build his music career, Ken also revealed that he is also now considering accepting acting jobs, and even being paired with AC Bonifacio as a love team.

"I'm very open to any projects that come my way. I'm working on a very hard training in singing, dancing, acting and as well in my Tagalog. So every day is like a nonstop improving day and productive day with me," Ken said.


just be over the top cute she said. it’ll be fine she said. #dalagangpilipina

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Fans have been shipping Ken and AC ever since the two became open about their strong friendship. When asked for his reaction, Ken said, "We're both very thankful for all the fans that support us and who appreciate and recognize how close we are. 

"We'll always be thankful for all the fans who are supporting us because you know I never had a friend like her before. She's amazing in my life. It's really nice to have support something so strong." 

Ken also named his best friend Darren Espanto as someone whom he wants to work with for an acting project.

"Darren is actually one of my best friends here in Philippines. But we don't have many jobs together that much other than ASAP, and we're in different (productions)," he said.

The “Lose Control” music video can be seen on MYX and on Ken's YouTube channel. 

Watch here: