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REVIEW: Five big reasons why you need to watch ‘Stranded’

Regal Films' summer offering shows that there's more to life than just finding love.


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4/12/2019 10:40 AM
REVIEW: Five big reasons why you need to watch ‘Stranded’

Jessy Mendiola and Arjo Atayde are paired up in the Regal Films offering Stranded which turned out to be a not-so-typical love story. Here are five reasons why you should check out this movie.

5. Stranded is not your typical romantic movie.

Unlike the usual boy meets girl stories, Stranded is about two individuals who are both romantically unavailable and forced to spend time together during the worst of times, a level four typhoon. Because of this situation, there are no funny sidekicks, no third parties, and none of the usual social scenarios that usually serve to push their romance forward. 

4. The new onscreen pairing is refreshing to watch.

Director Ice Adanan admitted there was no difficulty building natural chemistry between her lead stars Arjo Atayde and Jessy Mendiola. And even though they both come from acting in totally different genres, Arjo and Jessy's unlikely pairing is a welcome addition to a world that may need a break from the usual tandems that reign on the big screen.

3. Learn all about Flirting 101.

Although the film builds up Arjo and Jessy's connection in the span of one night—from being irritated with each other to slowly opening up about what's in their hearts and souls, the entire film's dialogue also feels like one big study on flirting, with one-liners ranging from unsure to subtle to overt gestures of their attraction to each other.

2. Arjo Atayde is a secret heartthrob.

Although it took him a few years since starting in showbiz to finally get into the romance genre, Arjo shows us he was worth waiting for as he turns on his charming side. Used to playing villains or unexpected characters in previous projects, his role as the unfocused Spencer in Stranded is proof that he's got what it takes to make us root for him as a legit leading man.

1. Stranded teaches that there is more to life than finding the right person to love.

At first, Stranded may seem like just another a love story formed after two people get closer after a national disaster. But given a closer look, Stranded teaches its viewers that romantic situations may or may not always end up in romance. And getting to know someone on a deeper level may not just be about you discovering them, but discovering something new about yourself as well. Jessy's character thought she already knew what she wanted to do in life but with the help of a stranger, she becomes a stronger, and happier person. Stranded's concept of love goes beyond what is "kilig," and picture perfect; it is about going through life with love in your heart, and maybe, just maybe, finding someone to share it with in the end.