Kris Aquino nag-goodbye sa social media: ‘I want to stop pretending I’m okay’

Leo Bukas

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04/10/2019 07:31 PM
Kris Aquino nag-goodbye sa social media: ‘I want to stop pretending I’m okay’
Photo credit: @krisaquino IG

Marami ang naintriga sa latest post ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang Instagram account. Kung babasahing maigi ay halatang nagpapaalam na si Kris sa social media. Dinis-able na rin ng TV host/actress ang comment box ng kanyang IG account.

“A confession: I’m entering mine… for many months there was a NEED to prove: ‘they’ (not just the enemies you became aware of, but so many others) didn’t break me… yet in the process of protecting myself, I wasn’t allowing myself to heal.

“This is a RISK but before coming to this conclusion, I did the math to make sure the people who would be financially affected by my decision to step away, TO LIVE FOR ME, would in no way suffer from my decision,” unang bahagi ng post ni Kris.
Patuloy niya,  “Yes, there are projects I still look forward to happening, and God willing they shall… but I no longer have the strength to lie to all of you about how strong I am, because I am not.

“I became too good at putting on the ‘armor of a warrior’ to make sure you mostly saw a HAPPY Kris, a BRAVE Kris, and a PALABAN Kris. She was trained to hide her insecurities, vulnerabilities, and fears.

“For so long, bashers and trolls labeled me a ‘drama queen’ and for about a year-they’ve been right. This has been my best acting in my life: outwardly showing you that I was keeping it together, when deep inside I’ve been consumed by real depression, primarily because of my complicated medical diagnosis.”

Inamin din ni Kris na ayaw na niyang mag-pretend na she’s okay.

“I want to stop pretending I’m okay. I need to make peace with all that’s broken within me. and I need to do that PRIVATELY. I’m sure you’re now making bets on how long this will last, BUT I’m taking control, so my return is up to me, when I’m ready. Sana may mababalikan pa ko. Kung wala, wala pong sisihan.

“Comments shall be turned off, di ko rin naman mababasa, because the IG app on my 2 phones will for now be deleted. IG is my sole sovereign digital territory.

“If you wish me well, sincerely, THANK YOU. If you are saying ‘thank you, good riddance’ – 
YOU’RE WELCOME. #selflove #healing #privatelife #anonymous.”

Kasalukuyang nasa Tokyo, Japan si Kris kasama ang dalawang anak na sina Josh at Bimby para magbakasyon.