Bagman’s ‘Final Drop’ scheduled on April 3

Arjo Atayde took to Twitter to thank those who watched the action series on iWant.



4/1/2019 3:29 PM
Bagman’s ‘Final Drop’ scheduled on April 3

Photo credit: @arjoatayde on Instagram (L)

Arjo Atayde is over the moon with gratitude, as Bagman is hailed as today’s “most watched original series” on iWant. He took to Twitter to express his sentiments:

Arjo topbills the 12-part action-drama series as Benjo, a down-on-his-luck, hardworking barber who would do anything for his family – even if it means delving into the shady world of politics and deceit. Written and directed by Shugo Praico, Bagman reveals the corruption that exists in society, and how values are thrown aside in favor of money and power. Joining him is a formidable cast that includes Yayo Aguila,  Raymond Bagatsing, Chanel Latorre, and Alan Paule.


The first drop (Episodes 1-6) happened last March 20, and garnered much praise for its gritty plot and the world-class acting delivered by its cast. The second drop happened just last Wednesday, March 27. Fans and netizens are all praises for it, and are already hoping for a second season.

Don’t miss out. Be there to witness the Bagman’s final drop. April 3, streaming free and exclusively on iWant.