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Nadine Lustre admits blaming herself after her brother’s suicide

Nadine Lustre: “Sana I nagged him a bit more to open up to me.”



3/9/2019 4:17 PM
Nadine Lustre admits blaming herself after her brother’s suicide

Photo credit: @nadine IG

Nadine Lustre admitted while talking to ANC’s Headstart host Karen Davila that she blamed herself at one point when her brother committed suicide.

“I was completely destroyed when my brother passed away. It was super sudden. I was talking to him the day pa before he passed away ... I just felt like as his big sister I was blaming myself,” she said.

“Actually, the whole family, we were all blaming ourselves. We could have saved him. We could have done something. Or sana I nagged him a bit more to open up to me," she added.

Nadine soon accepted what has happened and understood that her brother went through difficult times and she also advised that it’s best to be a good listener in this kind of situation. 

"He was really going through a lot based on what he was writing down. But he never opened up to us. I think the most important thing you can do to a person na mayroong depression is to talk to them,” she said.

“Just always let them know that you have their backs, just talk to them all the time. Be a good friend or family… You have to be a good listener,” she added.

Nadine then said that it was around 2015 or 2016 when she herself suffered depression since she felt that a lot of things were changing for her then.

"There was pressure. I was really insecure. I had a lot of issues with myself. I didn't know who I was. I was so lost,” she stated.

She also mentioned that she even thought of not going back to the Philippines anymore when she went abroad for a vacation.

"I never said this to anyone. I was also a little bit suicidal before. Parang I can't take it anymore. I just wanted to kill myself.”

She also admitted that she did not see the good things happening for her then and she often get anxious when she thinks about the pressure in her life. 

Fortunately, her beau James Reid helped a lot with what she was going through.

"It’s not just because we were in love, he's also going through things I think kaming dalawa nagtulungan kami," she said.

“He would just enlighten me and say ‘It’s gonna be okay.’ Yeah, it’s [a deep friendship]. It’s on a different level talaga,” she remarked.

Today, Nadine says that she overcame her insecurities and anxiety attacks because she is now ‘more relaxed.’

“I think that’s why maybe I’m blooming because I stopped thinking about it. I stopped stressing out. Before, little things lang po I would get really stressed.”