LOOK: Kris Aquino suffers from a bad fall

Kris Aquino clarified that she is not asking for sympathy in her latest post on Instagram.



3/9/2019 4:35 PM
LOOK: Kris Aquino suffers from a bad fall

Photos credit: @krisaquino IG

Kris Aquino explained that she has suffered from a bad fall and that is the reason why she has been on a brief social media hiatus.

“I took a bad fall early Monday morning, this picture is already from Wednesday... but I had a webisode shoot for a company that stayed with me through it all,” she said in her Instagram post.

“So March 4, apart from the 2.5 hour delay, TINULOY ko, TINAPOS ko, and pag napanuod ninyo when we upload- you won’t know what I soldiered through... it was pure willpower to get the job done. I am allergic to all painkillers so it’s been essential oils & bed rest,” she shared.

Kris also clarified that she did not post her bruise to gain sympathy.

Hindi nagpapaawa effect, nag update lang for my friends & bashers kung bakit sobrang tahimik.”