JK Labajo airs tirades anew, deletes social media accounts

JK Labajo deactivates his Facebook and Twitter accounts to get away from bashers.



3/8/2019 9:46 AM
JK Labajo airs tirades anew, deletes social media accounts

Following a series of posts addressing the cursing incident which occurred at a rock music festival last March 1, teen singer JK Labajo has once again taken to his Instagram stories to air his tirades against netizens who continue to attack him despite having already provided an explanation regarding the issue.

Defending himself for being a rock artist for having reacted the way he did, JK wrote: "Filipinos are afraid to appreciate transparency from true artists. Heck even listen and pay for true artists. I'm not saying all fils (Filipinos) of course, but you know what I mean."

Meanwhile, the Voice Kids alum brought up an incident where a famous female celebrity allegedly cussed but didn't get the same amount of bashing he was from netizens online. 

Preferring not to name the said celebrity, he stated: "Hmm bakit pag si *insert sikat na girl artista* ay nagmura, sinasabi ng tao ang cute di nila sinasabi na unprofessional and all? Pero yung tipong pag ako ang nagmura ang dami dami ng sinasabi. Lumaki na ang ulo, nagbago na, mayabang na, etc etc. Unfair man. (sic)."

The 18-year-old singer also revealed that he decided to delete his Facebook and Twitter accounts amid the non-stop bashing online.

"Dinelete ko Twitter and FB ko kasi masyado maraming mga ano dun... mga ... ano. So ito na Twitter ko (referring to his . Thnx," he wrote.

JK Labajo also thanked those who stood by his side and still continue to support him. 

"Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga taong umintindi at sumusuporta sa akin. Mahal ko kayo," he wrote.

Labajo's cursing onstage was the result of a fan who yelled 'I love you Darren' while he was introducing his band members during the Rakrakan Festival 2019. 

Labajo, who apparently also lifted his middle finger to the fan, had an online rift with Darren Espanto back in October 2018 after a now-deleted tweet which read 'gayness at its finest' triggered the latter and his fans.