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Halikan nina Lou at Andre sa PBB, umani ng iba’t-ibang reaksiyon mula sa mga netizens

In one of the most controversial episodes for this season, Lou and Andre kissing each other draws mixed reactions from the online world.



3/5/2019 9:49 AM
Halikan nina Lou at Andre sa PBB, umani ng iba’t-ibang reaksiyon mula sa mga netizens

Last night’s (March 4) episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso (PBB) instantly became the country’s top trending topic on Twitter following a series of explicit scenes between Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette, with #PBB8TheKiss garnering more than 92,000 tweets in less than two hours. 

See some of the tweets below:

Lou and Andre, who locked lips a couple of times after getting drunk over a few bottles of booze during a swimming party which Big Brother threw for them, got their fellow housemates feeling uncomfortable, resulting in a discussion between Mary Grace, Yamyam, and Fumiya. More importantly, the situation had the housemates feeling worried over Lou and Andre. 

"Kailangan ko silang pigilan kasi ayoko silang hayaan lang silang ganun," Mary Grace told Big Brother.

Feeling bothered over what seemed to be an uncontrollable situation, Mary Grace went out of her way to stop the two and plunged into the pool. 

"Kami ni Fumiya at Ate Grace, kami 'yung naka-observe na medyo nagiging touching na sa isa't-isa. Sa iba siguro okay lang pero sa akin po talaga Kuya hindi po ako kumportable na makita 'yung silang ganun," Yamyam told Big Brother at the confession room. 

Weighing in on the matter at the garden area, Mark, JC, Yamyam, Fumiya, and Mary Grace all agreed that what the Andre and Lou have done was inappropriate, especially considering that they are not the only ones inside the house.

At one point, Fumiya Sankai, who hails from Japan, said to his fellow housemates: “In Japan, like this [hug] is already rude in public... It's okay in the Philippines I thought but since your reactions are like this.”

Ako nahihiya maski wala ako ginawa. Parang ako kasi ate nila," Mary Grace added.

So the following day, Fumiya and Yamyam decided to talk things over with Andre and Lou respectively. 

Concerned for Lou, Yamyam said told her: “Ayaw kong nakikita kang nasasaktan, maski siya kasi close mo siya.”

Meanwhile, Fumiya told Andre: “If you feel offended I’m sorry...but we are family.. but you had too much drink and you cannot control anymore."

Then, Lou and Andre apologized to each other. Moreso, they admitted to Big Brother that they were wrong.

"I just want to say I am sorry about last night 'cause I way drink too much," Andre said as Big Brother gave him advice.

“I care about all my housemates pero bawat action ay may consequence. Walang problema magkasiyahan but be careful,” Big Brother told Andre. 

Explaining to Big Brother what she feels about Andre, Lou stated: "Wala pa po akong name-meet na - nakikita ko po 'yung Dad ko sa kanya. 'Yung feeling na someone really cares for you aside from family and friends."

It was in the February 12 episode of Pinoy Big Brother when Andre and Lou admitted their feelings for each other.