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EXCLUSIVE: Jose Mari Chan’s sons Joe and Mike on the OPM icon’s legacy over the years: ‘We’re very proud of him’

Joe and Mike Chan also praise Yeng Constantino and Moira Dela Torre whom they are looking forward to working with some time in the future.



3/31/2019 10:36 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Jose Mari Chan’s sons Joe and Mike on the OPM icon’s legacy over the years: ‘We’re very proud of him’

Brothers and musical duo Joe and Mike Chan are probably best known for being two of Jose Mari Chan’s now-grown-up talented kids. But both of them, now celebrating their 5th year with Star Music, are now ready to prove that they are more than just the children of an OPM icon.

Having been heavily influenced by The Beatles, the former members of an OPM group called Generation are set to release a 10-track all-original album mastered in the famed Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles also recorded some of their timeless hits.

Despite having a famous dad, the duo revealed they feel no pressure or whatsoever about releasing their songs. Plus, they shared how proud they are of their dad and his contribution to the local music scene. 

“We don’t feel pressured. We have always been proud of him and it seems like every year he reaches new heights in terms of respect and popularity and adulation. I guess his music is just continuing to grow and to become more appreciated by our—you know—country. So we’re very proud of him and I think it just naturally came out that because of his musical love, we wanted to also try our hand and express ourselves musically as well,” Mike Chan said. 

Sticking to a sound of their own, Joe and Mike revealed they need not compromise anything to achieve what they wanted from the very beginning for their album which boasts a diverse mix of sound ranging from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

“We’re not compromising anything because when Joe and I write songs, we always make it a point to come up with a hook, a strong melody with recall which we know that the Filipino audience appreciates and understands. Filipinos are very particular about a strong melody in a song. The only pressure that Joe and I felt writing songs was to challenge ourselves rather come up with catchy melodies and some melodies with hooks and to recall which hopefully appeal to the listeners,” Joe stated. 

Revealing how Star Music supported their music, they said: “Star appreciates and embraces all of our creative offerings. They never put pressure on us to come up with a new material which you know -following a different direction. They’re very supported of us and we appreciate that.”

Asked about their thoughts on the current state of OPM, Mike told PUSH: “There are a lot of talented OPM artists out there and like what we were mentioning earlier, it’s easier now than it was 10 years ago to get music available by the public to listen to. So it's a great time to be a musician. It’s a great time to be an artist.

“Although, the challenge on social media and YouTube - you’re sharing your music together with thousands of artists out there so it’s a challenge but at least your music’s been heard by an audience out there. So the challenge is getting way more interest and attention to your own music on social media and on YouTube,” Joe added. 

Talking about new breed of OPM artists like Moira Dela Torre and Yeng Constantino, Joe said: “I’ve admired Yeng and Moira for a long time. I love their voices. I love their songwriting craft. So, we’d be very excited if they would pick an interest in any of our songs or we could collaborate with them in the future. Definitely, yeah.”